Clever Ways To Use Cement! 😍

MetDaan Creative • 11 months ago   512     24  •  5.1M Views
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Clever Ways To Use Cement! 😍

Posted 11 months ago in Visual Arts, Architecture & Crafts
Chris Estok
Chris Estok11 months ago

And just a stupid observation but the speaker and mic would get covered if you had your phone in it

Cass Hurley
Cass Hurley11 months ago

should be "unnecessary uses for cement" 🙄

Bobby Collins
Bobby Collins11 months ago

This may be the one of the dumbest things I've ever watched.

Sarah Anderson White
Sarah Anderson White11 months ago

These are so ridiculous

Kodżak Kodżakowy
Kodżak Kodżakowy11 months ago

Matko Bosko, co to za gówno.
Mother od God, what a shit.

Ee Dawn
Ee Dawn11 months ago

Pitty that pcs of bread 😥

Deanna Wheat Davis
Deanna Wheat Davis11 months ago

Not clever uses but uses

Elysiah Snead
Elysiah Snead11 months ago

Yeah but... when would I ever need to use cement? 🤷‍♀️

Sumayya Himayat Khizer
Sumayya Himayat Khizer11 months ago

So bad