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A hookup makes things very complicated for roommates, Clint and Tovah, when one of them starts acting clingy. Arely, an undocumented immigrant, must...
It's uncomfortable and very weird now that clean and I hooked up. I'm less attached I'm a virgin It's a really confusing check I'm down here at M This is the true story. Please seven strangers picked to live in a House I'm looking for something Linda Peaches to have their lives taped stream and share across Facebook What do you mean? No to find out what happened You are not listening. People stop being polite. Oh my God and start getting real baby real This better be full who ran this? Is it full mommy was cleaned clean And he forgot to sign Two Sass Clint and I have been cooking up It's really hard because here we're trying to figure out a relationship while living together Are you working out Yeah. Come on Let's go anything you do is going to be together so you don't get any alone time or any time to like think so honestly like I don't know how I'm feeling right now Definitely I think you'd be a good girlfriend. She does something to me to be honest I mean I have felt like this towards a girl before but it's been a very long time so it feels good I think my pants are see through Oh yeah. For sure Lanes who ate the caramel. One me deal herpes She's a virgin I've only kiss five guys If that I don't know maybe four I was what they like dirty kisses or whether just like innocent church pack Yeah an innocent church I went to all girl high school and so I was always like the guys girl like to hang out with or be friends with but it was never more than that Last guy did it was like you need to learn how to kiss What did you do It was it was like Did you pucker your lips at all? Cuz I just saw this Back her face I'm so excited to be able to get to explore Atlanta I would love to meet somebody You better shove your tongue in them. Oh I don't like using time It's okay. You'll get there I gotta see what I got offer Megan wants to go. Look for somebody to flirt with God This should be Yeah. Meg sexy is I hope there's a Mexican guy the market I am so excited for tonight I'm looking for somebody who's cute and sweet and has the same beliefs as me morals values all that kind of stuff I thought it was a bitch Three Identify as pansexual I am in Atlanta and I wanna meet people and I wanna explore plus I want some attention My grandma proud I never really drink and of course it's gonna let me loosen up to give courage like go. Talk to a guy just flirt Very good Toe is a really confusing chick man I mean she could be hanging out with me. We could be having a good time doing whatever we do but she's basically just with Megan all night You know what I mean It's just hard like when you're at the bar and you're supposedly like with a chick she doesn't wanna hang out with each other. I wanna party with you It's like what am I supposed to do The more attention that I was getting getting more insecure Like I'm just like this fat friend who is not cute at all in my insecurity starts to strike And I'm just like what is wrong with me Sandra So sad don't be around You're gonna meet Look terrible so did I it wasn't what I expected I'm Super like blue and not feeling myself at all I'm going to bed good night as far as Megan trying to find somebody I think that as long as she continues to just uphold what she stands for what she believes is right You'll find the right person My book came in today which one is the logic book that I ordered three logic Yeah you're a novel I like he literally went on stage and his shirt said the Wall and he brought a bunch of immigrant families on stage with him That's we lose. We how do you feel about the Wall if there's people that want to come into the country legally and we should make the process of being illegal citizen in America more attainable We don't have a legitimate Avenue for these people that feel that they need to save their own lives. Why does America have to be their savior just because they feel Like oh my God. I can't stay in this country Where are they gonna go bro There's other countries in this world. They can go to her. Just like I can go anywhere. You can go anywhere They can go anywhere too But it's easier to the United States around can't come back cuz you're cuz my Daca status How did you get a Daca status Obama passed an executive order do not pass the executive right You will be what illegally legal We came on a visa and just overstayed her visa. That's when it became illegal I found out that I didn't have citizenship when my mom had me and my sister apply for Daca So I didn't even know An illegal immigrant till I was like 16 I'm protected by Daca but at the end of the day I still don't have a pathway to citizenship Well, your parents knew what comes with coming over on a visa and they knew what would happen if they let it expire, right? Yeah I mean I guess Talking about immigration is a very sensitive topic for me cuz I know what people think and what they say so it's just it's really hard There's always gonna be people that understand where I'm coming from but there's gonna be people who don't understand the reality of the situation is the law that is in place you are bringing if they weren't my hands. I would definitely try to you know go the right way but I don't have that option I wish I could but I can't and it's not wasteful It makes me so magazine get bashed on it all the time but that's just the world that we live in today. So that's I mean I get there's nothing I can do about it Never letting anyone Barrow eggs again clean Just look at yourself in the window That's a very cleansing to do Clint I can't even see myself right here I can't see myself Are you gonna cry Goddamn On the ball Looking like that Get it baby So I'm wearing this tomorrow Yeah Feeling invested like for real for 12 but again when we go out she doesn't like talk to me Instead she's hanging out with Andrew all night right in front of me I I Cannot do it. That's not the spirit of a bowler and she's laughing with everybody else. Besides me I'm starting to realize that I don't know how strong whatever we have going is We just need to talk man I think maybe I'm getting confused with what's real you know I'm saying to be honest I do find out alone and if I saw like 110 like What do you want me to do like I don't feel it from you How's that I don't feel it from you like and that's simple dude like I which then I felt that from you but I don't I don't freaking know what I did for Clinton be reacting this way I was with him all day and if I'm not enough then why do you wanna be with me? Anyways Sorry, I'm calling you so late Okay Clint He literally was like you're not enough like what else do you need from me like I'm with you all the time It just is a control thing Hold on No What I wanna talk to you Okay Keep it that way Alright Is certainly not a night in shining armor Clint needs to learn new communication skills cuz his caveman communication skills are not effective with a woman who is insecure and hurt Is he doing it I said it I think she does like you. I think that she's just confused Don't don't Being so annoying right now You literally playing mind games What did you do all night What? What I do on. I had fun without you You won't tell em Yeah. I'm sorry Okay Set I like you man A man trying everybody knows it Everybody sees it Different conversations about immigration bro It's a problem and I get lots of laws I got it though I get you but what I'm saying is how do we stop that if there's a Wall Do you think it will be effective Just yes or no you don't you don't have to go to? Yes Yes there's a right way to come over here and there's a wrong way to come over here So like the problem is the illegal immigrants in general by all of them we are implying that I'm a problem here illegally you're a criminal I mean facts facts by illegal immigrants. They're like corn over here using our health care Everybody sugar coats that but if you're breaking the law, you're a criminal I get where you're coming from but like I was two years old I didn't have a choice for someone to tell me. I can't get citizenship because of my parents decisions It doesn't make sense I mean I gotta say is it being doing nothing wrong You've been any tax is made against services in around the world you know how but the thing is they probably we have not below here You say my parents haven't done anything dangerous Damn dude like I think you could lighten up a lot to be honest This is somebody's life that you know nothing about my dad works on the farm and they've done their taxes. They still do everything There's not a lot of people that wanna do farm work and they were asses off My dad works from Six AM to six PM and hot scorching weather straight up I'm still contributing to society and I want to go to school to become a nurse in at the end of the day. I could even be helping to save your life so you're gonna That I'm still a criminal because I can achieve that I finally gained the courage to speak up and tell my story I've been afraid that ice could have came in and deported my parents and that is really scary but I feel like if I use my voice to kind of bring awareness, it will definitely bring a lot more attention to Daca recipients and their struggles I didn't even know it was that deep That's why you gotta open the Just look at the cover right live with it. Any legal immigrant Sort to God. I can't with you Gasman is hilarious She really does make me laugh. She's so funny I really want waffle fries and I want I want waffle fries back She's definitely the total opposite of me but I think that she is very strong in her waist and I admire that do you feel like because you're a virgin? It's harder for you to date Megan has a problem with her confidence I wanna take her under my wing because men usually wanna have such as somebody for sure I'm gonna try to guide her and maybe just give her a different kind of perspective guys usually just give me the same like oh I respect that fray. They respect you but I'm not there on a date But my whole issue is that I do not have self love like at all like I am so honored and so and I just I'm a big critic I think it's so difficult for me to talk to guys because when I look in their eyes, I'm thinking okay What did they see What are they judging me on my nose? Ugly is eyes not far enough apart is night Let's not big enough. You know what are they thinking in that moment? I just wanna gain confidence and one of my best friend. She's like I don't know why you don't have confidence It's like I don't I don't know either. What is confidence? How do you get it Do I go buy it? I'll go buy it from the store like I just want to be confident I but but Be more confident in yourself inside and outside if you knew what your purpose was I kinda feel responsible when people are really struggling to remind them who they are, especially when it comes to women I started writing. No for Megan like these are things I tell myself on a daily basis It hurts me so about to see women feel so bad about themselves cuz all my life. I felt really bad about myself until I decided not to anymore He has been write me a letter Super sweet just like physical beauty is temporary inner beauties forever just sweet stuff that people need to hear Are you excited Yeah You look great I know I love it So the mural dedication is first the Latin American Association helped the Latin community So when I heard about the mural dedication I thought that this would be an opportunity to get involved with it I painted the education is Liberation Mark saying Yes we do belong We are in our country. We are home and nobody's gonna put me in the shadows Dodge is very strong opinionated and I feel like he's a little uncomfortable I'm glad that he's very open to trying to understand a different perspective Those things important to talk about why the term illegal is offensive or the term illegal is something that you would like to be called cuz the correct term is an illegal It's undocumented words, matter and words are very important and you know when people refer to a person at Eli correct them that is the term that I am not okay with if you tell A term related to your identity is not okay it's not up to me to decide if you're right or wrong you have to tell me whether I can use it and work or not you get me I feel like she has some great words She helped me realize that calling undocumented immigrants illegal is a form of disrespect and that's what I've learned being here The compassion aspect of behind that it's like something that I need to work on inside of me talking with you This whole this whole situation dealing with you and your stands on it I have had a change of heart and myself cuz it's like you do deserve to have the opportunity like anybody else in America to have a career you do deserve to have citizenship to go to school to do go out the country and comeback. If you wanted to right there's anything I can do to help you definitely willing Thank you Thank you Thank you for supporting me No really though cuz this is you showing support There really is you're welcome them angles, though. Angles You wanna talk No Yeah I wonder what's gonna be said they're gonna fight you think do not make up their growth mods makeup I think tuba and Clint both do really have feelings for each other, but it's like the roles are reversed almost cleanse more of like the girl needing more like love and attention and October she's kinda more of the guy in the relationship I'm scared that if I'm not moving quick enough that you're gonna get angry again and when you drink, you're gonna say something mean I wouldn't do that If you told me what the hell is good, you don't say anything you know what I'm saying and then you don't wanna like chill and we're out you know so you're mad at me for eating wings at the Bowling Alley You didn't talk to me the whole time Yeah I needed space. I honestly though you don't like to hang out with me when we're out. So like I just leave you alone like you know what I mean The most confusing part with Tilda is that there's like no communication I just want to tell her to understand like if you wanna do this I'll share with you You know I mean I'll be just with you I like you if you're just not like a relationship kind of chick doesn't make any sense to get close to I know I mean whatever like if you wanna go out and just do your thing, we just I think it's weird but I'm not going to I don't wanna do is fall so he wanna do stop Don't know how I'm supposed to feel like Never ever want you to talk to me like that again I'm sorry for that You know I shouldn't do that I mean I obviously wanna find love I just now go a lot slower Obviously not sexually For me it's easier to have one night stands than actually get close to somebody but I've never felt wanted in the way that Clinton makes me feel like I always know that he wants to be with me and that's a feeling that I have not had And a love story continues We're going to the compound Is it a gay bar Yeah I would go No. I don't see myself there It's just not my spot Why do you care Well somebody sleeping with why is that scary New It's hard for me to open up because of my past I don't think I associate sex and love It wasn't attached to them Oh I lost my virginity because I was raped I'm sorry What? what am I saying Hi everyone make sure you follow the real world on Facebook. 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