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The Bassment Guest: Anxious Beat Director

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So In the basement We are anxiously directed you see the here before is great. You know when How you do it with the background. Um. I was supposed to do it live sense here's. My use them, but uh had some hardware problems so I decided to um make a little tribute set forms under arctic Brown. Um exercise so I'm gonna play that tonight um other than that I been producing for maybe three or four years, got into electronic music dance, music, late uh. I don't have the background of prosper and controlled and But you gotta classical background. I got uh no. I would say I kind of listen to more abstract we're. The electronic music like raymond Scott and the other obamacare okay uh, but I very swiftly got into this dance. Music stuff cuz it's nice, but I'm not getting out of the way. How do people get in touch with you uh. They don't wear but only in the basement Just be directly, I hangout here every Sunday, so you talked about. If you want anything oh, there we go I'm gonna get out your way that you get down and just be directed in the basement once again On the ground, 313 dot com to basement what up tho Can I get partido Jack and my new employee Jose kanye, get partido Jack to Jose down to the basement. Thank you. please You want the United security on my camera thick and camera six to nine camera six and cameron. I need y'all. Thank you For the Grand Prix win three dot com to basement every Sunday, 7 PM to 9 PM We would like to thank everybody that has supported the basement What we're doing here in the basement of something special Bringing something new and something fresh to the Detroit electronic music community Christa, thanks to the business of the day by the mechanic At the underground before a techno being shared across the world We are broadcasting live on the free radio dot com. We are also broadcasting live on the ground. 313 dot com I think And I have been, I might have to follow you. I might have to follow you I'm I might be a long night tonight a basement it's looking that way really Big deeper in witness Big deeper into some of the water to make she's beat director What up the robbery go tune in from Mexico city We got a bad Kevin, mitchell killed and what I felt Okay, I'll be Jose on my door. We are checking ids. We are checking fast forward Crazy Crazy, crazy, crazy Shoutout to my man cruise baby I think room making them in the work room, together, you All year we got to You know I was just flying on United express demoted. What I'm doing Hey guys do you know what I want right It will be made and and like a couple of more months and 90 s High wave rave play rave rave re And It goes in space What is time Vip is now open in the champagne room is open Oh, yeah at the time Can we go Is she about to hit him with my own stuff, come on way early for that to worry about today We got that word O tune than what ever wanted. Oh we got the one and only hat guy to men. That's all my bad cooper family put up those Slow Underground 313 dot com to facebook every Sunday, 7 PM to 9 PM what up though he is a body of a comic. He is John woodward. She is the cafeteria, ladies he is a roddick He is just lucas. He is Alexander action. He is okay to Christopher kramer Nikki of black Tony He is be happy that B cb callaway he is J, saw face stricter And I am 31 3 AM the fletcher, this is what we do. This is who we are this is our history. This is our heritage. This is our culture, underground, 313, dot com to faces and what of those And, of course, big deeper and witness Big people are in witness of the one of the two anxious be director That track is sick right here You feel me, I know you feel me You have to leave it with that tonight. I don't know about that, but I believe in with the design We strengthen the ground tonight straight from the ground Now is the time For the youth getting your tickets for the facebook backyard, barbecue going on discussable weekend grab your tickets over a resident advisor dot com Special thanks to resident advisor rebel rebels used to capture me quote if any polling works thinks radio to be pretty high technology radio free one free. We protect up alicia The West of you thought all records they got that brand new one out zero zero four and check it out. We got the one and only party by telling them what I've done so. I took my hockey news. Iq sound signature Of course, Detroit techno records That has not All for real Over really go, come down here and back like that for real okay Shoutout to my man, tj here we got some business And What I've got this gigantic stuff and March thirtieth we will be in windsor Kicking it with my man direction check no melissa check. It out part of accelerators Oh, I see I've seen she hit him with the old school active one is that was about what we do on a night where we just we just We're going to plow now okay Can I get Jose and champagne room I'll be hosting in the champagne room. We got a little bit of a problem. Thank you The general take mine in the other direction please, please take a lot of the other direction have your ids ready and your passport We This is And the ground, 313 dot com, the basement every Sunday from 7 PM to 9 PM. You buy it. We fry it. You smack it. We rub it. You break it. You buy it and everything taste better or hot sauce, even pound cake once again, we got a hat guy in the building Jose can you can you can you talk to the head guy, please can you run out to his impala. Get his id if you give me a parlor on the lawn, you can Park on the lawn tonight are gonna loan What I've done we've got the one of the security building. What up tho I think you'll beat it down tonight. I see I'm taking this real personal right about now, real personal She is really going to make me go home and get my rhino. Yes, she is Yes, I have a she is killing it tonight On the ground, 313 dot com to facebook what up those I dare you to go deeper and there you go big for What up though, shake You know I am not about to run from nobody on the turn table say at all. You know, I got the vinyl over here right in the basement. I got some. I got stuff his secret places right here. I got to go home Underground 313 dot com to basement every Sunday, 7 PM to 9 PM dig deeper and witness dig deeper and witness on the one of the two Nations, be director Straight from overseas The owner of the best dj C suite right here in the basement I thought y'all to I'm gonna shake I run it Okay That one only a roddick Which I know about that great Brown That's I hear you, let it breathe there. You go. Let it So getting past No, I'm not doing this to Oh, that's right fire that's fire so what do we got. The one that we'll be bringing the building What I know, I need somebody to check the id and passport. My man at the door and check her right behind. We have here is open champion roll is open on the ground thing 13 dot com to basement How Take a life t shirts are available, facebook as well as teachers are available, get us up on the ground. 313 dot com also, you can put a facebook back yard. Barbecue coming up this may are available right now, check out resident advisor. I'm jump over three free technology that bag camp brandnew fall to the take on Dig deeper and witness dig deeper with this on the one of the two and should be director All vinyl no thing but All final no thanks, but All final no thing but Kids in the what you know about that. What do you know about that. this Because she hit him with the Joe Wilson This is you know what the decision She's just getting nasty with it, we We have a room is open champagne room is open a tm machine is working in both the champagne room and the vip Once again take your high heels off before you jump on that poll. Thank you And we're all coming up in a way broke all come with that Let me know where you at let me know where you from eight oh, eight roll call You cannot find anxious pete director anywhere Honestly, she's back and forth from squeeze and destroying He truly is back and forth Don't be We keep telling y'all we keep telling y'all you need to tune in to the basement every Sunday, 7 PM to 9 PM It's down Style She'll have a Wanna go Yes Hey Hey On the ground, 313 dot com to play somewhat up though We got beat a Christmas at the building Right You better check your flight patterns Do you feel by the mechanic is John. What we're seeing is the cafeteria lady here's the roddick and he is just look at She is the cafeteria, ladies We get a two performer, he is like Tony, he is Alexander And I am free one 3 AM to butcher this is what we do. This is who we are this is our history. This is our heritage. This is our culture on the ground. 313 dot com to basement Special thanks to everybody across the world that continue to support the basement and once again it's going down festival, weekend Get your basement backyard, barbecue tickets right about now Dig deeper and witness Dig deeper in way that's on the one of the two ancient B director straight from sweet And yes, we did pay her flight share yes, we did yes, yes, we need ya'll. Don't know who we can bring into the basement The hot guy from cooper got his tickets already. He got his tickets that's. What I'm talking about Plenty of pound cake going out Once again, no track, I think you know track id Anyway, roll call coming up O a row car We are broadcasting a lot of deep space, radio dot com We are broadcast underground 313 dot com. What if there Don't It is Show you Show you Here Show me Show you You buy it. We fry it. You smack it. We rub it. You break it. You buy it. It everything tastes better with hot songs Even pound cake I said what up tho I said what up tho I said what up tho

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