Pres. Trump meets with police organization

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WATCH: Pres. Trump meets with leaders of National Association of Police Organizations in cabinet room.

Posted 1 year ago in Politics

Martha Marshall 1 year ago

trump and the mafia.... no problems in NY!!!!

Cat Nikki 1 year ago

China may have been doing the resurch but our government did the funding.

Sandra Rushing 1 year ago

You got that right president Trump

Martha Marshall 1 year ago

good people- bad people??????

Frankie Stelly 1 year ago

No one can even support the ones that help us he is acknowledging our people that risk life and limb for us.

Robert Phelan 1 year ago

People are scared and right wing nut heads are using this to cause harm and mayhem.

João Paulo Monteiro Toca Do Vally 1 year ago

Donald dos truper

João Paulo Monteiro Toca Do Vally 1 year ago


Atvinder Pal 1 year ago

Police officer is right because I am from New York

Christopher Mark FuutmAasa Conner 1 year ago

You have to spell it put for them Mr. President Trump