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The U.S. has the worst rate of maternal mortality in the developed world, especially for black women. But having doulas during delivery makes a drastic...
Ideally what we're gonna do the hassle is like pillows and then we'll lift up the bed but this is actually too like a doula is someone who is trained to be with pregnant women they are trying to provide physical emotional educational support we help the clients speak for themselves helping them find their voice and that they could advocate for themselves and say I'm not gonna allow this you're not gonna you're not gonna treat me with disrespect and abuse it's work for you and be right so what you're doing by going up the stairs sideways is Opening up your the deal is that I have they're both black women and our really trying to change the conversation around black maternal health so it's very reassuring to know that their concerns are the same as mine and they've studied and done way more research than I have and knowing that they are like no you know put my foot down you don't have to do this this is what this means right in that counter pressure helps relieve a little bit of that intensity of that pain right and so when It's such a relief that they are really going to be advocates for me my baby my delivery my health everything A black woman in childbirth who is highly educated who also has high income and who lives in a great neighborhood in New York city is still more likely to die than White women who live in poor neighborhoods and across New York city nationally there are between 709 hundred women each year who die in childbirth in about a hundred times that almost die in childbirth when you think of having a baby you should be thriving it should not be whoo I barely made it thank goodness and for black women when we're three times to four times the rate of of dying in childbirth that number but Really important to think about the us is the only industrialized nation where maternal mortality is increasing other places like the uk or like China even right so places that have not necessarily saying freedoms we have but they have a robust economy they have better birth outcomes than we do and part of the reason they have those things if they built a social infrastructure women have access to paid leave for women to have access to child care for men to have paternity leave all the things that you would need to support a healthy birth they built into their societies so although we More per capita for health care than any other country in the world we don't get the benefit of that spin because we have not created a system outside of just a doctor's visit that transaction that supports health all the social infrastructure that you really need to be healthy we don't invest in Over the last decade the maternal mortality rate in New York state has gone up by 60 percent and it's particularly bad right here in New York city where black women are estimated to be 12 times more likely than White women to die in childbirth because of complications if you're worried about finances if you have housing and security if you have all these other things that are going on in the back of your mind plus compounded with the fact that you're pregnant and you're carrying another living human being inside of you come on and that way is on a person that was on their body the reason the spirit I think This work is especially important because we act as a defense system thank you so much as a black woman of the mother of six children the ways in which we are cared for lives in the intersection of our lives experiences and racism an access to culturally humble care in order for us to truly have a global care it will take all of us provides patients community challenging years of institutional racism and personal biases that we have all learned what we see from the data is the stress of racism on their bodies the interactions that happen Inside the systems are not being heard and listen to those moments of people having to advocate for their lives is causing them to die at a higher rate than White women So community based deal work is is extremely important because we're working with marginalized communities right so marginalized communities that don't have the resources to pay for doula care because dual care isn't covered by insurance my philosophy is all women deserve to have a do a regardless of their economic situation every woman should have a doula it needs to be accessible right and so really pouring resources into community doula programs that exist right that are training more dues of color to do this work but also provide The funding so that these Douglas can have a livable wage and that's that's kinda like the challenge with community Douglas they wanna help you know what I mean but they also like I live in New York city and I have to pay my hype rent so welcome to ancient song Google services full special doula training over the the course of the next seven weeks you have me all to yourself Traditionally in indigenous communities in communities of people of African descent we've always had these individuals who were the pillars within our communities who assisted us in our reproductive health and when I first started this work I realized that I would go to workshops into other trainings and I'd be the only person in the room work why I support even important right why why are you here right cuz ultimately you're here to do what say it again say it again say it again say it again I got tired of being in places where I always had to explain myself like oh you know I'm talking about maternal mortality because I seem to advocate for yourself and or someone else alright so yes black jewels needs to be in the long we already know what it feels like to not be listened to and sometimes even the doula who's in the room is not being listened to regardless of who you are when you have melanin in your skin and people can see you Something on some level and so I see one for the doula as someone who's reclaiming their ancestral roots but then two as this reproductive Justice birth Justice fighter fighting for the basic human right to birth of your children the way you want to in a way that's safe and affirming to you it's interesting to see the person's reaction when you ask them like how do you envision your care going and they're like well yeah you know it's like how it normally goes you know and I'm like what do you see for yourself like what do you want and a lot of Met with like no one 's asked me like what do I want we do more research when we getting ready to go to dinner when it comes to your health care you get the recommendation of a woman insurances I can go here okay now we're gonna go into labor do you remember like some signs of labor contraction contraction confetti comes up the My first pregnancy was completely normal I had a private practice doctor who was wonderful loved her a lot but this time I have another wonderful black robe but she's in a general practice so I don't know exactly who's going to deliver me I just get very if he about just people jumping in and saying oh we should do this we should do this cuz it's like why why are we running these test why we're doing this I understand it's protocol but is it necessary or can we just try the old fashion way first and see what happens when the baby is coming and you have you About delay core planting with your provider okay so you wanna make sure this time around I just felt like I needed that support I wanted an advocate I wanted someone who I could just text hey I'm feeling this way what is this is this okay what teens can I drink is there anything I can do to kind of help this process instead of just everything being like here's a prescription take this you're fine you're fine cuz maybe I'm not you know okay so this is a blend and it's called anxiety S Being a doula is my divine work I've been doing this for 19 years and there's nothing like going to a birth and watching a baby born I get so excited because I am going to witness a woman push out a baby into this world and her becoming a mom it's amazing to see especially when their wishes are heard and their honored it's just like yes

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