Behind The Scenes at Sketchers commercial

Kelly Brook • 6 years ago   3.2K     141  •  112.8K Views
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A sneaky peak behind the scenes of my new Advert for Skechers Relaxed Fit! #KellyLovesSkechers

Posted 6 years ago in Fashion & Style
Tyrone Smith
Tyrone Smith6 years ago

Luis Leal
Luis Leal4 years ago


Steven McDonald
Steven McDonald6 years ago

Nicole the Codster will love this video 😜

Huỳnh Điệp
Huỳnh Điệp4 years ago

Hi !You are so beautiful !

James Grimes
James Grimes6 years ago

Love the show Kelly Brook

Arthur Colgan
Arthur Colgan4 years ago

You are so beautiful and love your voice

Santo Marzano
Santo Marzano6 years ago

donna di grande bellezza che si unisce anche alla sua grande eleganza

Prince Khattak
Prince Khattak2 years ago

Your friendship you call me

Алексей Бандура
Алексей Бандура2 years ago

Прекрасна всегда

Nenad Mitrovic
Nenad Mitrovic2 years ago