President Biden Delivers Remarks on the Terror Attack on Hamid Karzai International Airport

The Hill • 5 months ago   442     1.1K  •  9.9K Views
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President Joe Biden delivers remarks on the terror attack on Hamid Karzai international Airport, and the U.S. service members and Afghan victims killed...

Posted 5 months ago in Politics
Jenifer Anderson
Jenifer Anderson5 months ago

Here we go no accountability blame blame blame! This blood is on his hands! 💯

Greg Salo
Greg Salo5 months ago

This is on your watch, Joe.
The Biden-Harris administration owns this.

Mark Drook
Mark Drook5 months ago

Buffoon! Wrong since 73. I would not vote for him if he ran unopposed!

Dawn Joy
Dawn Joy5 months ago

Empathy, and compassion, for people’s lives. Thank GOD this man leads our country right now and not the former President. 🙏

Tammy Pearson
Tammy Pearson5 months ago

We stand with you president Biden and our troops and allies

Cape Fear Indivisible
Cape Fear Indivisible5 months ago

American’s who love to talk about straight talk sure can’t handle some straight talk.

Ed Forlines
Ed Forlines5 months ago

Continue the great leadership that we so badly lacked over the last 4 years.

Michael Daye
Michael Daye5 months ago

Thank You Sir for being straight up with the American People!!

Kim Stiles Franz
Kim Stiles Franz5 months ago

Everyone’s talking about Trump, your looking at your President now , he did all of this, don’t blame Trump.

Carmen Rios Nelson
Carmen Rios Nelson5 months ago

Dosent he have a meeting? Now he has time for questions SMDH