The secrets Utah doctor’s mistress revealed about their relationship

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What were the secrets one Utah doctor's mistress revealed while testifying during his murder trial?

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Posted 2 months ago in Relationships, Friends, & Family

Kathy Kraemer 2 months ago

I believe he died in prison.

Nat Geller 2 months ago

Last night’s episode was a great piece.
but the most refreshing thing was seeing Elizabeth Vargas.
Hello ABC!!! Please bring Elizabeth back!!!
She’s terribly missed!!
With her your team will be even better ✌️

Rachel Wilson 2 months ago

Notice her jacket is buttoned up wrong...I just had to😏

Rachel Pena 2 months ago

I've seen it so many times.

Jessica Anderson 2 months ago

Jason Anderson I want to watch this one!

Celia Macedo 30 days ago

Where can I watch the whole story?

Ma Rinusa 2 months ago

I didn't get a word...what is all about?

Marie Bello Susa 2 months ago

Both were evil specimens!

Quisha Mateen 2 months ago

Couldn't have been my family member that got killed...It would be on sight every time I saw this bytch

Caridad J. Hilaire 2 months ago

He is a doctor.