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Unlike decades of past presidents, I fulfilled my campaign promise of moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem. As we celebrate this historic milestone, we...
Exactly 70 years ago the United States under President Harry Truman became the first nation to recognize the state of Israel Today. We officially opened the United States Embassy in Jerusalem Congratulations It's been a long time coming Hey everybody I'm Lara Trump coming to you from Trump Tower in New York City That was President Trump as he formally announced the opening of the American Embassy in Jerusalem Saying we had a historic day celebrating the official opening ceremony of the US Embassy in Jerusalem would be a major understatement joining me from the ancient city of Jerusalem to discuss this historic milestone is a media executive and political adviser Jeff Balaban Jeff thanks for joining me and shalom shalom So happy to be here with you Oh my gosh, you were so fortunate Jeff to have witness the embassy opening Tell us what it was like in the feeling there in Jerusalem It's not just a historical in terms of 70 years of the modern state of Israel or historical in terms of the United States is 240 plus years Well this is a historical in terms of the 3000 year history since King David declared Jerusalem to be the eternal capital of the Jewish people just since the 4000 years of the founding of the Jewish people It's that historical it's biblical even and that's the way everybody feels That's what we mean when we say to store wow Well, tell me about the feeling there in Jerusalem I understand that people are so excited and so grateful for President Trump even the signs behind me reflect that yeah and the news today is that the one of the major soccer teams in a country that loves it. Soccer Baytown Jerusalem declare themselves to be baited Trump Jerusalem or some amazing signs behind me Are there are these signs every hundred and 200 feet The city there are hundreds of them, maybe thousands they're gigantic signs all showing the love that this city in this country now has the President Trump and what's also interesting is that these signs were put up by the Friends of Zion Museum That museum is dedicated to those people who aren't Jewish who have demonstrated their support critical moments in Jewish history, leading up to the creation of the modern state of Israel and it's obvious and correct that they're the ones who are celebrating Donald Trump because President Trump is one of the great great heroes In the pantheon of Jewish history both ancient and modern Wow one more thing behind the embassy opening yesterday There was a sign like this five stories tall It was so great Well listen I I wish that the people here in the United States and the media here in the United States could feel a little bit of what you're telling us about Jeff that's that's so incredible and I wish I could have been there now of course yesterday Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke with passion about the significance of this day Dear friends What a glorious day Remember this moment This is history President Trump by recognizing history you have made history Jeff what are your thoughts Well I mean I'm thinking of so many different respects true. That is you know one of the President's great supporters and a faith leader Ralph Reed and I were talking yesterday and we're all friends and he said you know what this is like he said you have maybe three or four or five moments in your entire life moments when a child is born moments when you get married it's that kind of moment It's a moment of just a fulfillment of your life and if it felt that way it up to everybody you know Jew and Christian Israel that's what it felt like the other thing is I have to say being there I felt when I was were standing and singing the Star-Spangled Banner being led by a Marine and the Star-spangled banner I Cannot tell you simultaneously the surge of pride in being an American and gratitude being a Jew simultaneously. It's almost indescribable and that's really what the feeling was and and it's pervasive in this whole city Wow it's it's so great and I'm so glad that you're able to to tell us about it. You're really giving us a great description now Jeff if it was To the politicians in Washington the United States may have never recognized Jerusalem as the rightful capital of Israel Don't you think most Democrats are on the wrong side of history with this issue Well look, it's easy for me to say it because everyone knows that I'm supporting Donald J Trump so people are saying partisan, but I gotta tell you something There are a lot of people there yesterday who wanna particularly partisan who came because they were guest or not even particularly political and I I kept on hearing it throughout the day a sense of astonishment I mean did they not mean it when they voted unanimously in Congress right did not mean it when they promise it over and over when they had the White House was it just a question of political expediency and now it's no one more expedient because President Trump is President and that was the feeling the feeling of betrayal and shock because this truly is a stark There's no excuse for them not being here yesterday and if that was across the board and yeah I think it will hurt them and I think it should hurt them because it was the wrong thing to do This is not a question of expediency This is what's right and what's just It's American law and President Trump fulfilled an American Dream and they should have come along for that Yeah Well I think it's very clear though to anyone watching Jeff to all those people who have witnessed first of all that this President recognize Jerusalem as the rightful capital of Israel now has dedicated the the embassy there officially in Jerusalem that what the Democrats are doing is anything they can to go against the President even with something as historic as monumental as important as this and I think you're right I think people are paying attention I think it's gonna hurt the Democrats I mean they they keep digging this hole so much deeper for themselves every time I turn around I say what what are these people doing Keep doing whatever they're doing because they look totally crazy. Don't you think I do think so I'm domestic policy You know the economy is through the roof The lives of every sector is better and somehow those leaders and I'm used to seeing the leaders very cynically or the leaders in Washington They don't care at all and it's resonating because you know what let's say they disagreed with Even 90 percent of the time agree 10 percent of the time to show that ability but they don't there is literally nothing. This President can do that. They can twist for decades They wanted of dialogue with North Korea They couldn't accomplish it President Trump accomplished it well the President is gonna be taken for a soccer by this guy How dare you engage in dialogue There's literally nothing he can do if they don't complain about Yeah it doesn't matter though because we see what the result of this President keeping his promises mean it means that historic things like what we see there in Jerusalem are happening now others Also maybe we don't need to put a lot of weight in are the media This should be a moment of respect for Israel's sovereignty But of course the news media are placing their focus on Palestinian protests Leading to dozens of deaths is this not the fault of Hamas as the White House stated Well it is A photo which is the government in Gaza which was elected by the people of Gaza and never pushed out But be I gotta say something they're trying to treat this as though it's innocent protest and then doing They're turning against the state of Israel in a profoundly evil way These are soldiers protecting civilians There are eclipse video clips which I urge people to look at online showing masked people counting weapons saying that they're going in yelling kill the Jews There's that's what they're saying. They're gonna do Tens of thousands of them are storming the border less than you know a kilometer away from civilian areas in the meantime It's tragic that there have been a few dozen deaths but the fact is these really army showing incredible restraint in the face of an actual invasion Isn't that peaceful protests and because they wanna pitch pick a fight with Donald Trump they're picking a fight with the state of Israel simply trying to survive and that also is gonna blow back against the Democrats and against the media Yeah well we we all know that those are two factions of our society who seem to get everything wrong. So it's certainly should blow back against them Finally, Jeff Listen to the words of US Ambassador David Friedman as he gives credit for this historic milestone Today's historic event is attributed to the vision the courage and the moral clarity of one person to whom we owe an enormous and eternal debt of gratitude President Donald J Trump Wait before he said I wanna tell you right now I want you to get up and cheer again for that I think we should all do that That's I mean we can take part in this What what is that say to you? Jeff does that capture the general mood in Jerusalem You know David Freeman is a good friend of mine and I'm so thrilled that he's the ambassador He's representing the President so well and I know that he has a long history with with the President and with the family and he is just he is everywhere he goes He's making sure that everyone understands that this is truly the work and responsibility of one man at the bottom line and that is Donald J Trump The President Makes his promises he keeps his promises and that's everyone here really feels that everyone understands that there are a lot of people who wanted this and there are a lot of people who work for this Yeah It all comes down to President Trump and it's not just that he does what he says he's going to do which is extraordinary but he sees with such clarity What should be done Another one He makes promises that are the right thing to do in the very beginning, we heard Prime Minister Netanyahu talked about the truth and that was a big theme yesterday You can't have a peace that is built on a tissue of lies cuz it all comes crumbling down and finally President Trump is bring us closer than ever This regard with the media tells you President Trump is keeping us closer ever to peace in the Middle East peace for Israel because he's saying it's all about what's true and what's right And now the world knows the Middle East knows that this country will keep its promises and that's the beginning of a basis So it's actually reconciling the conflict It's so Well, Jeff thank you so much for joining me from Jerusalem with your On-the-ground report what a historic moment to witness and we are so appreciative of you sharing it with us Thank you and I gotta say what everyone here is saying God bless Donald Trump amazing and thank you for joining me too Only bold leadership could have led to the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel That's what Donald Trump promised and that's what President Trump keeps delivering That's the real news for I'm Laura Trump from Trump Tower in New York City Goodbye everybody

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