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“I don’t think I’ve ever lost sight of where I’ve come from…”
We want students at Oxford to reflect all the talent and potential this country has to...
I'm being born and I came to the k, 12 six years old and since I've been selling cognitive went to standard high school didn't have the best reputation. I never thought about spiritual. It just wasn't anything not known for my school with I'm in the percent. I'm not so I didn't know what kind of months I'd be guessing and stuff. I was the first person in my school to apply to experience I'd like to get into, especially these people are saying no, you can't you can't do that and I'm gonna say yeah God, like he is the and not so it's just as cloud. I have no idea what you've heard of it, but I'm not no idea there's, something wrong with them If they are also they must be like so different was on the floor laughing. She was like there's no way come on like what is this all the people there, like me, is everybody kind of push and I think what like probably solidified studying for me, was going on unique when I did that unique summer school. I was taught and even more focus right on oxford and it look completely different from what was the courage, like um not only gonna be weird wanted, a little bit It thought I thought they might be like I'm really like. I would be able to relate with them and and the teacher was like I really think you should apply yeah that was it for me. So I was, I kind of have to try if you go to academic potential. You should do and that's what I would want they really don't care about. What you've done before, like they care about what you can do in the future, like what, like we don't miss it

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