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Why are people so easily scared 馃槀
Hey, Hey, yo Yo. what up? The fuck fuck is is wrong wrong with with them. them. Yo man you're. you're you're late late. Hello. Hello. hello. Let Let me help you out man You you just just always always unprepared unprepared unprepared. just. just just just don't don't don't forget forget forget to to take take it it it off off off of of of me. me. me. me. Hey. Hey Hey Hey when when when we we we get get get get in in in in there, there there, there, let. let let let me me me do do do all the talking. I I have have my my money money by by Friday. Friday. You got to 90. Yo my man what you drop drop my what you drop your stop talking. you stop why I'm trying to stop talking you drop your 20. Why are you assuming? that's my why I can't have a hundred cuz I'm black. black. No. No. No. I'm I'm I'm I'm not. not. not. not. I'm I'm I'm not not not not saying, saying saying saying don't don't don't I get give don't. give them 20 20 busted busted ass ass dollars, dollars, but but this this is is yours. yours. Alright. Hey, hey, hey, you you wanna get lunch or something I got 20 bucks. sure cool. we can just make it a- one how you doing good. It's It's going going like like for for for your your your local okay. local local local okay Okay. Okay. I I I heard heard heard heard that number. that that that number number number three three was good. It It does does look look at at your thigh. Oh, hey, Oh Hey Leia. Where are you going? Yeah? Yeah. I'm going that way. Oh camera' with you. Gunn to get to look what Fernando Got me. Oh my gosh. That's so beautiful. Yeah. Congratulations Y'all. We're so in love. Honestly, I really wouldn't wanna ring that big. I don't trip trip your your ass ass ain't ain't getting getting arnette. arnette be. You're my girl tell her. I love her. He love you I got you. you You You didn't didn't didn't didn't even even. even even know know know why why why why would would would would I I I I? look hold on on Babe Babe Babe play play play some some some music music music music before before? before before we we we go? go. go. Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh. you're you're you're right So So hypnotized and that that booty booty booty. something. something, something, but but but but it's it's it's it's just just just just bouncing boring. bouncing bouncing up up. up and and down. down. It's 20 'clock in the. Nigga it, I can't sing this. See Y'all hungry I'm hungry. I'm about to hook y'all up. I got some hotdogs some ramen noodles and I got some in the cabin that sounds disgusting. I'm the idea. Why don't you come to my House? Some hotdogs Grandma noodles and BS no-I so good so she don't say damn shortly shortly bad bad as as shit. shit shit she she. she alright. alright. What What What do do do you you you know? know? she is she's perfect. perfect. She She She ain't ain't ain't nothing nothing nothing nothing special. special. special. special. special. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Let me slide in DMs Real quick. Let me see my keys. Hey, help me find my keys man. I don't know where they are. No no dad.

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