The Undertaker Returns at Survivor Series 2005

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#fbf You never know when The Deadman will rise...

Posted 5 years ago in Sports

Elizabeth Bobbitt 9 months ago

So now he's the Undertaker???? Will he be copying the Undertakes entrance???? He better be careful cuz if he gets set on fire from the pyrotechnics, some how it will be our fault馃し馃徏馃う馃徏馃ぃ馃槀馃ぃ馃槀馃ぃ馃槀

Omondi Tyris 5 years ago

I miss this,
The fight between taker and The great Kalii... a fight of all time

Asif Sk 5 years ago

WWF was real coz we didnt get d news 1mnth b4 but in 2days era we r getting evrythn so ppl stop asking 4 Surprize or shocking comeback or storylines....

Rijban Ali 5 years ago

I know 馃槉

Pathi Barani 5 years ago

Actually he is a old but physically youngest one in the world and tell no more words. ...

Raistlin Leno Alexander Barnes 5 years ago

The Deadman rises next Tuesday night on Smackdown Live. And I imagine it's going to be a phenomenal night for the Demon of Death Valley and a bone chilling experience for whoever if anyone is standing in that ring when he arrives.

Brandon Mitchell 5 years ago

The Undertaker is the greatest and baddest wrestler ever! Completely dominant and successful for over 20 years. It's a shame his body is breaking down to where he has to wear crutches now. As a huge Taker fan as much as I'd love to see him perform forever I think he needs to retire. He's wrestled enough matches and I'd hate for him to continue wrestling only to wind up in a wheelchair.