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Heavy rains and landslide continue in Kerala, death toll in rises to 29
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Heavy rains continue to wreak havoc in 29 people have been killed in flash floods and landslides in five districts in the last few days roads in an Undated houses washed away temple stuff. Most people House and relief gaps. This is currently a common side in god's own country over 493 shelters and beliefs have been setup across the state the army the Navy, air force and the have been brought in to tackle the situation for the first time in the history or five shelter Gates of key damn have been opened over 40 doors including 34 runners are stranded inside a resort in we're not 19 corner of the army is working to rescue them home in the garage not saying is said to visit to assess the situation on Sunday the stated that this is the strongest one soon gala has witnessed since two thousand 10 Eighteen oh, my God Flash flood lamps life, I'm torrential rains have brought life to a standstill in god's own country. More than 26 people have lost their lives in the last 48 hours and with two thousand 300 been rendered homeless as the state goes up for one of the worst natural calamities. It has ever witnessed Delivers in Canada are swelling with at least 24 reservoirs, including them from by them and they are damn opening their gifts to drain out excess water. It's the key one of the worst hit areas has received over a hundred of rain in the last 24 hours, forcing the government to open the shutters for the first time in 26 years have you seen it's such a different situation in the recent times they've never seen such a great foundation and this is the place where the The biggest boy or zillion that is from that date, the total capacity of damn issues largest damn it's two thousand 400 and three feet and the water level of the dam has already cost two thousand 400 and one feet with no. Let up in greens in the catchment areas. All five shutters of the reservoir will open on siding The water levels has gone up so high, and that is one thing that the people in care most in Central care lobby hobby actually worried about and also some parts of belong to be affected is what we are getting to understand from the latest updates that behind from mckee it district has received 21 percent accessory to leave for focused and experts warn that if the barre art of us to overflow traffic at the airport, what come to dance to on Thursday The coaching international airport after temporarily shut down operations in the afternoon or to us after flood waters, enter the compound the airport was reopened after 3 PM no diversions can be brought to the airport. The ground handling staff is also be giving instructions that quick departures have to be done from the operational bits off the runway and flood management and control measures have been effectively put in place heavy rain for the It's two days and release of water from the dam on Thursday resulted in localised flooding in low-lying areas in the northern districts of kerala in malayalam of concrete road caved in in a video that went viral on social media. The road could be seen crumbling as people stood and watched him feel 17 people were killed and landslides in districts as chunks of field wants to be with waters den people In landslides, in Turkey, five in my lap for them to in canoes and one environment district, those who have been rendered homeless by the flash floods and landslides I'll be moved to relief scams. According to the state disaster control room. 200 and 41 relief games have been setup and more than 15000 people have been shifted from new line areas, everyone's locked out of the House is everyone's locked the House is gonna be there to relatives House all they've gone to a relief camp which is close by in the saint Joseph government school that's a relief down that's put in place as the situation Russell The army with question three column, surprising about 75 per person and each have been deployed in flooded I'm cool. Geeky and buying on two more columns have been depositions and I'm moving to laugh with them three companies of the engineer task force will also be assisting in operations the air force and Navy two has been dubbed in by the disaster management authority. Five minutes to enter in the movie on Thursday spoke with caroline chief for the subdivision and offers all possible assistance to those affected. An inter ministerial team of the Central government is also visiting flood affected areas in kerala new report in there today

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