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Heavy rains continue to wreak havoc in Kerala.
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Heavy rainfall continues to wreak havoc across the state of kerala, with the card and quality called the worst affected and over 20 people having lost their lives and landslides and other related incidents in the last 24 hours. The teams have already been deployed in most of these areas. All arrivals to the airport have also been cancelled as flat scare looms large after the damage was open. This bottle for trial run that are also fears that the runway could be flooded rather by the Ava just like what happened in the year, two thousand 13 vacation or event join us for the very latest give us an update on the situation on the ground tell us a little bit more about the rescue efforts being made specially for those people who have been suspended as a result of the heavy rain for willing to go as far as we have known of the momentum of your presence at the wayne. Why not. Indian critical districts of because this is actually mostly in the northern mystic except for coming to our first winner has been the world's most of badly affected state or district than people have lost their life in mudslide landslide and also some people have drowned in the flooding the It was and that is precisely the reason why the indie out of theme of the National the defensive rescue force has been moved to up their dreams to wine art and also the state government have garden for the support of army and maybe basically and unable to come in handy. For before using their helicopters to back with three people from the splendor videos and why not district and coming down to indicate that is something that is going to be more together because it is a key dam is filling very fast and, according to the latest info, because ass on uh 1 PM today the water levels has actually reached two thousand 300 and 99 point one zero feet and the significant interest of this number is that this is the largest market in the 25 years so this is actually going to be a situation better than we have to be fully open to all those we have to be open now. What happens when the dam is open because the decision of how to achieve and it can really be largely ineffective in the water flowing down from this damn comes to the video, but one of the largest in look at law. It is only flooded the water levels in this River is really high and if the dancer completely open, it will further flat black with the few of the worry of people in this video and take a absolutely. Thank you so much for joining us and getting us that update

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