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When news picks up on the rave 🙃
The Rave crowds latest hot spot in the desert the funding beef that's been moving this crowd all night and into the morning they call it the new moon gathering it's happening far out in the desert hours from the urban sprawl County Danny just think of it this way in the middle of nowhere there was a party they pick their way down unfamiliar highways and dusty desert roads kids from across Southern California driving hundreds of miles to get here just to dance in strobe light under the star and all you can see as far as you can look it's just a sea of heads dancing you know and I didn't see any problems going on anywhere everybody was just had ear to ear smiles and we're just having a time of their lives The Dancing proud still shows no sign of slowing down one thing after another it looks as if it's been lifted from Woodstock spicy dancers psychedelic hairdos and lots of intoxicants it's five thousand people there and there wasn't one incident of a fight and everyone went and pick up the trash bags and clean up their rubbish and we went on and it was just another day you alright man have fun how are you feeling alright you like to party yeah alright wondering if everyone could join ads after almost twelve straight hours of dancing a voice from the stage calls out to the crowd just moved into one large circle and hold hands with each other we can close our eyes and just feel grateful for everything that uh brought us all here together today right now these kids are too young to remember Woodstock say they don't know much about hippies they just want a place to dance online freedom to have fun we get to see what Woodstock is all about but this is this is the nineties way of how we express ourselves through our music through our passions through I love getting together and and having fun and just hanging out with your neighbor it's been nine years what are you guys on the ground or as the new moon gather is if and hold the next is a party or news even expecting with you believe journalist time more than ten thousand people हाँ cash but i was like accept this very music which has to say

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