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This artist doesn't use paint or brushes. He uses the sun. (via @Mashable)
My name is Michael Papas and I am a sunlight artist. I work in a field called he geography. It uses sunlight and all definitions of the term. I use a reflection and refraction to focus the sun's energy on to a specific organic materials. I started this practice in 2012 when I was traveling across the Silk Road from South Korea to Greece and the fact that I was in the mountainous regions and it was so sunny. it's just kind of made perfect sense to scrap all of my original art materials and just carry around the magnifying glass. When I'm out in public doing this because you can't sit in a comfortable artist studio and do it you have to be outside in the elements in doing that you get a lot of passive buyers and your audience can give you mixed reactions. They're usually astonished and they get this kind of sense of disbelief, you know. and so for the past few years, I've noticed that I've I've had to get people to believe in the artwork that it's actually. Or that it's actually all done by the Sun. My favorite artwork would have to be the first piece I ever did it was for my nephew and he didn't know I was making it for him and his family and I spent about. I don't know a couple of weeks in the Sun, filming it and instead of telling them about it, I posted the video of it so that they would see the video and then I told them you have a package arriving it made me. The importance of the visual aspect of this the story behind it and how powerful video can be in this process that I call Healey geography. This is on Bluestone. I can't fully share the technique with you, but it's just sunlight. It's it's words being written onto stone so the evolution of this. I'm still beginning to understand and I'm practicing from different distances. So as I'm painting with a big mirror, I'm stepping 20 feet back 30 feet back 50 feet back. so as I progress with the artwork, I'm progressing in my distance from which I paint. So hopefully one day I'll be able to paint from one mountain side to another.

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