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Kstatehds has student employment opportunities available. Watch to learn more or apply online today at...
Hi, my name is tiffany health and we are in kramer dining Center. You might notice that uh it's a little quiet back there we're getting really excited geared up for our incoming students who will be here very shortly. Let me make some of you very happy and others very sad, but it makes us really happy um so kramer dining is actually one of three dining centers others kramer dining van zile dining and derby dining and um all three of those Kind of have little niches um it's been are available to all of our student, but um out of dining centers our focus is our students. The. There are lifeblood there are world there are hoping okay so, from the students that we serve to the students who work for us um, we have just a ton of student interaction I'm here at kramer's, we have upwards of 200 students working for us when we're absolutely full and um they they keep us going. We can't do our jobs without them. So we're gonna talk to you a little bit today about our student employees and some of the different things um that we provide here in dining services so I'm gonna start with the wonderful miss And if you will tell us about it Hey state and I am also selling anthology iced artifact kramer as a freshman. I am also an out of state student so coming to Manhattan. I am nothing about it. Nothing about what kind of job I could have so when I was looking around on the k-state website and I saw the kramer you know is hiring. I thought this would be great it's very convenient for me to come downstairs so it worked out really well. I love to hear I love the staff and with other people and one of my good for Treatment is the bakery and, after a couple of semesters, you get to work with other staff working production. If you like, so it's really great and as a student leading supervisor right now. It's awesome to be able to encourage other students to look forward to that too and you gotta really get in there and get your hands dirty so so yeah in the bakery recipes and learn some stuff today, probably didn't you back home. Maybe definitely, although my mom loves Teach me so awesome good job mom definitely um well. Thank you so much again for telling us about that and we have a few other students that want to tell you a little bit about their story. So hi I'm and this is great uh I'm a junior here at k-state studying computer science I've been working at housing and dining at kramer for two and a half years and right now I'm a student bit.ly uh being an engineer it's kind of difficult with all my classes and work to balance it all out, but thankfully, whenever I don't have like four per class in Pick up a shift or when I have like a really bad, examining the city, I can always switch it up with someone else. Hi. I'm Ray I will be a junior in the ball. My major is sociology and I worked out for about two years. I started as a freshman and I'm from here. I'm from Manhattan so working at Premier husband something that was pretty easy but it's been really fun getting to be there and working out cramer. I have balance on my activities. I have a few jobs so it's easy to learn. How to manage your Time and also learn to help others and next step is quite and christie high I'm quite I'm a junior here at k-state on sitting chemical engineering I've worked at kramer dining Center for two years now and I'm student supervisor. So one of my favorite things about working at creamer is that um I live off campus but um since kramer is on campus it's really nice, so that way I can go to class and then I can go to work and I can go to another class or I can eat here in the Middle of the day Makes everything just so much easier hi I'm kirsty and I'm a senior and diabetics and I have work to of housing and dining for three years. Um. My job is currently an undergraduate management assistant which is a unique leadership role for hospitality management and headaches majors something really unique so if you are interested in working with dining, you should definitely look into it I've had a lot of experience with working with food allergies um I also work to manage some of the supervisors and full-time staff as well, so it gives you a lot of leadership. Experience as As well so if you're interested definitely check it out and next, we are having haley prescott, our student um schedule are many manager and she's gonna tell us a little bit more about the other positions that we have hi. Everyone um like her. She said I'm hailey I'm at the student scheduling manager here at kramer and so I do all of our hiring recruiting scheduling, all of that for all of our students that work here so I'm very involved and um getting in touch with all of our students um here we do have positions available For all sorts of people, so um, our positions range from working on the serving line so like we have ourselves every working there. Um you could be working at our checker stands by part as you come in um just working on serving line serving our customers. You can also be working on our guest room um whether that scrapping place working on our pots pans different things like that wiping down tables. We have a lot of tables in our building so we need a lot of students to help with that um. We also have a lot of production ships um helping the cooks with the full time uh Production, different things, like that and we do have alot of those position open currently, uh so we're still hiring for those for the fall. Um shift times are all year are all different times of day. So you could be working in early record coming in at six 30 um. You could work during the lunch time the afternoon time for our dinner shifts usually start around four 45 or five um and here we're usually out of here by eight 30 so it's no wonder late night shifts or anything else like that. So it's very convenient, very flexible depending on your class schedule uh To apply all you have to do is go to the housing website which is just housing dot dot, um on the side you can just click at employment on the left bar and then, when that page pulls up there's, a work with uh, our dining family little button. You can click it's right in the Middle of that page, makes it pretty easy and that brings up our application uh so it's really easy to go in and apply um and pretty easy to get a job around here um. I also have another friend with us today um one of our full time cooks would like to talk a little bit about um her experience working with a lot of our students so becky If you'd like to join me, I'm rebecca os I've worked at kramer for two years. I'm a cook here I've work on platforms. I do pizza pasta idea southwest and I do grill the students are wonderful. I love them all on like a mom to them. They um love me too. I hope most of the days um. They um. I like to learn where they're going to school in k-state what they're studying and they make my life so much easier here and I just love being apart of kramer dining Hall. Thank you Houston alright. Thanks becky uh Alright, um tiffany is gonna come back and join me. Um we're gonna talk a little bit about uh the benefits of working as a student. Bit.ly yes so there are the very obvious benefits um very flexible schedule that will work around your school obligations. Um and other things that you might have to balance in your life um. We get holidays off and almost all of them and Bowl games. We get to attend those as well um due to our scheduling it's a great place to just work and meet people and um really develop lifelong friendships um. We have people who Uh roommates, who work here we have some marriages that has happened from their time here at creamer um. We have people who just keep in touch with their whole life, so um a really great place to just bond to meet people really get that k-state family experience by being part of the dining family um for off campus residence. We do have uh reduce meal prep plan youth me plan pricing available um that is a nice perk to have, if you aren't currently of adoring resident, we do start out at Is the hourly rate and that goes up on each semester. You stay with us there's also a lot of leadership, opportunities like some of them have talked about who work student supervisor student leaders of us, um then we have our different internships. That are available and um so there's there's, a lot of those benefits that are pretty obvious than we have some some different transferable skills that are a little bit less obvious and you kinda have to put on your you know k-state thinking cap to really acknowledge and appreciate Um, I used to have someone who majored in computer science. You just graduated this past may around if you're watching this is you um not to call you out, but uh he explained to me very early on in his career that uh there's. Nothing that you can work in dining because his major was computer science and um. I went in my teaching mode and started talking about some of the other things that you can learn here, number one for him. Customer service. We didn't have any of that background so uh after he went to his first big boy job interview. He said tiffany. They talk to me For an hour and only one question was about computer science, the rest of it was about uh customer service. So he was a little shocked that maybe I was right about that. Um but he learned alot in his time here about how to speak to people um improve his communication skills the customer service aspect of it then you work learn alot about team work um. I had never worked anywhere with this. Many people and just the things you learn with getting along with others being professional um being respectful being courteous, living the k-state values and the dining values and then there's the work ethic. We teach you how to um You'll be responsible for your shift in your position and the responsibilities um and some time management things and I will teach you how to have fun on the job. Um dining services is really unique. You will never ever work somewhere. Exactly like a dining Center on campus ever trust me um so it's just a really fun place and we have a lot of things that we hope we can teach you so with that I think you heard as much as I can share with you during this time about our student experience And we really look forward to seeing you in the fall whether it's you coming in here and eating in a serving you food or coming in as an employee. We hope you go buy thanks

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