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LIVE with Martha and Jennifer Garner as they create recipes from our new summer issue!
Those are cute pants and I think we might be in that but are we live? Oh? yeah. It's a two girls are talking. I have a very special guest today. Welcome to Facebook live by the way and Jennifer Gardner's here an old friend, a young old friend and and it's so nice to see you. It's really nice to see you and Jennifer is a mother, an actress a TV. a farmer now she has chickens and bees right and a garden, and she's also now an entrepreneur. She has started a new line of really interesting baby food called Once Upon A Farm, so tell us about that really quick and we'll go into that later, but just tell us about that. well. it's it's just I'm I'm so excited. It's the first cold pressed organic non GMO. No sugar added everything good that you would wanna feed your. And you when you make your baby's food home and you just don't have time you know this is as close to home as you can possibly find and it's in the refrigerated vegetable and fruit vegetable and fruit mixed together or something mixed together. for the most part. There's also some separate things, but yes, I chased one that had nuts in it had cashews. Oh, did it? Yeah and how was it tasty tasty right? There's not too sweet. There's raspberries and cashews and so we'll talk about that a little bit. But since you're here, I just thought it'd be fun. You've been on my show several times so many times before you had a show since when you were just cooking by yourself and Martha Jennifer Gardner came so always welcome and always fun and so much to say you have a lot to say all the time I know I'm gonna do my best. No. that's you're on TV. You have to talk but tell us a little bit about your career right now, because you're a new. A new series is coming out, which is called I did this new series. We're done. It's called camping. It's gonna be on HBO and it was Super fun. Does it have to do with camping? It does It's four couples you go camping together. See you picked up on it and it's just hilarious and so much fun. It was written by Lena Dunham and Jenny and she is so funny so funny and then I did an action movie that will be out in September called Peppermint and you're gonna like it. Oh yes it's are you. It's a mom who goes crazy. Oh yeah and look at look at her arms and her shoulders. She's like really fit right now. you're you've always been fit every time I've seen. Been very fit very nice, so that's fun and then the kids the kids are great. They're really good. They're just enjoying summer and I read the paper that you had. you went to see a play last week. Goss gossip We did We went to see several place but we went to see Hello Dolly cuz Garber my beloved dad from Alias was starring on Broadway in Oh, he's so good isn't he always good and I mean I went to see that I thought it was really great. great revival well. The magazines still making beautiful food all the time and I thought I would show you two summertime dishes that or maybe your family would like to eat like peach definitely peach pie with a beautiful puff pastry topping and also a lobster or shrimp. BLT great. Yeah. The kids eat everything No, but we're working on it. Oh what don't do they eat lobster. Yeah. I think they eat lobster. Yeah. they'll they'll eat this-we're. We're gonna be good to go. okay. we don't They. Eat the strangest things you know, it's like combining too many flavors like they won't have gravy on their chicken or on there which I just I know they're not vegetarians. No are you a vegetarian? No that's good. My daughter is a vegetarian Alexis in her and the two kids are they're pescatarian, but it drives me crazy cuz I have a hard time. I call her up and say what do you? What can I serve you on Saturday? lunch know me. Of course, I shouldn't have to say that anymore, No pasta, no carbs I by the time she. With the list, I don't know what to feed the kids No as well. If anyone can do it, you can do it. It takes all kinds of it is really hard, but the kids are healthy and they are and they love everything they they devour lobsters and shrimp and they eat all they have a totally different palette. Oh yes and the eggs are right-I brought them in this morning right from my chicken coop, and we have all different kinds. This one the little speckled one. I just told Jennifer she with that one was that's a guinea. Yes, from the Guinea, so are these ocs those are those are med's French Moran. All you have to do you have the blue copper Marie Oh, and it's it does chocolate egg it does. I have chocolate eggs. Yeah. I love that and are these aeron. That's Erica Okay. Okay. I have that and then all different kinds of like Ansa. Yeah and speckled Sussex and I don't have any Egyptian yummies right now you can have in California. have you ever seen one? I don't know Egyptian Fund me. They're really cute They. A skinny and long, but they don't wither well in the winter. I feel frozen to death. Don't get in and find me if you're living in New York. so I wanna start with the pie. Yes okay cuz that has to go in the oven. Okay great and you can roll out the puff Okay if you'd like great. So this is puff pastry that you can buy puff pastry at the grocery store, but if you have a good bakery, it's also nice to oh this one 's folded you can also. Really, really good puff pastry from the best pastry shop. My hands are clean. so you're watching yours. Thank you. Thank you. Hi Martha. We have a question from Kendra. Yeah. I hope we get a lot of questions by the way you know on Facebook live. you can just type in a question. Ask us anything you'd like except anything too personal right. We don't want to either. So let's talk. let's talk. let's talk about what's going on. Yeah entrepreneurial ventures stuff like that. What's the question Candra wants to know? do the eggs from different birds? give different taste to the recipes? No the chickens it depends on what the chicken eats with the egg taste like so my all my chickens eat exactly the same things. So I'm same with yours. Yes. What do you think you feed yourself the scraps from the kitchen scraps in the kitchen scrap in the garden and then just an organic chicken feed. Yeah. I'm not to the point where I'm making my own chicken food. No no don't don't make your. They are happy eating the grass cuttings. Yes, they're happy eating I take home from the kitchens here. I take home all of the scraps from the test kitchens and that amounts to a lot of scraps. my daughter sees me a her scraps and then I the chickens get that every single morning in addition to their crack, corn and their and their grit and their and their what do you call that the oyster shells and oh, yeah all that stuff that stuff and they're and their chicken food I. Organic you yes. Yeah. so you can eat that just roll this a little bit and then cut me around the size of this just a last even that out. I'll make the homemade make the excuse me the peach filling Jennifer. We have a question for you from Karen Okay. She wants to know Any plans for irregular cooking show Ha ha no. thank you. I just I like doing a three or four minute version in my pajamas at my House and I like being here. but no that's that's probably as far as I see that thing. if I could act like you act, I. Doing that not this do you want to do you want it to be exact size or you can turn the other way it's easier cuz that's a grimy. It's easier. Thank you. two tablespoons of I have a quarter Cup of dark, Brown sugar and two tablespoon of two tablespoons of cornstarch. It's a is a topping you make you're making the topping. I'm making the sweetener for the peaches. Oh good. so we're not being we're not being sugar free. you eat any sugar and sometimes yeah you are. Right, yeah, Yes yes and you are my viewers. What you guys are making today. We're making a beautiful sort of like a peach cobbler pie deep dish peach pie. I have a peach tree that is gonna be going nuts here. Yes, yes. and no don't put it in there. put it on that on that tray right there. okay. One tablespoon of bourbon to the filling yum I like bourbon and peaches. It's they taste delicious. With a little bit of whiskey to put cognac in it if you want and then the peaches you need this, no not just like it. you can do that. Do you do it? Can I do it directly on right here? Where did you go? Oh okay. just it just wedge. It's like 66 wages and now I'm gonna score this. I need another knife here it is and we're gonna put this in the oven first score it. Don't go through the score you just cut partially through if you cut through you go through the pieces of that and then it doesn't and it's not a pop pie would be good and an egg wash. Martha Elizabeth wants to know Where are where are the Chas today? The Chow Yes. they're not here. I'm not home today. They had a very they come in. Oh, yeah they love coming to the to the office. I have two baby Chas now one 's two years old and I saw this emperor's chin and then the baby is he's now. So cute and so well behaved except you peed on the rug. So that's not I mean I know he wanted to go outside and let him out so he peed on the road just to remind us that he is the baby of the so funny. No I had to brush it is oh by the way any leftover pastry. I don't waste. This is never-never. No this. This can get back up and put into the refrigerator and you can make a little tiny peach pies. Yeah, you know you can make a. Yes, if you have a question for Jennifer bring it who taught you how to cook my mom did, but I think I've never been a pretty good as you can see but also there are those stones by the way. Yes, they are see Kling Stone peaches that's what's happening. now. Those are the first peaches that come and they cling to the Stone. Oh so that makes me feel better. Yeah don't feel bad but I really I mean I my mom is always cook. She didn't teach me, but we watched I would say more than anything but good. She's a great cook, but I will say that you cannot overstate how much we have all learned from watching you from watching you started basically kicked off the Food Network. You Emerald Agassi all those early. I mean that's that's really just watching you do it has made a world of difference to everybody. Yeah, and it's so much fun to teach people how to do these things Well, I washed the top of the scored pastry. Then I sprinkled it. Beautiful beautiful crystal sugar I was pretty isn't that beautiful. I love this glistening sugar and that will make a pretty top and just a little crunchy too. So this is gonna go back and go right into the oven and it is at what's the temperature of my oven? I forgot 350350 Okay. This is gonna go right in the oven. Another question for you Do your kids ever not eat what you make always. I think the harder I work on something the less likely they are to eat it That's just I mean sometimes they they. They just always surprised me if I expect them to love it. They won't eat it. If it's their favorite meal and I've worked all day. They tell me they're not hungry and then sometimes you know they love it more than anything, but they always we were just on vacation and when they were, they said Mom when you're home next week, will you cook every night? so I know it matters to them. Where'd you go we went to Bahamas was it fun pretty fancy. yeah, of course, just blue ocean and a pool and kids what's better than that? Not. It's just perfect and a good swimmers. Yeah. They are good swimmers. Yeah. Okay. So this one is making me nervous. Don't worry cuz you're watching. You're just one last. Oh that one was funny. Oh going that doesn't bother you No okay. We have a great question from Lord's. How did Jenn and Martha meet How-do-you-do? I'll tell you Oh okay I watched when I was first starting out as an actress, Martha had a very early cooking show on was it in the kitchen with Martha before that it was very. It was a very long time ago and I when I finally started being able to go on the shows. I wanted to be a guest, but she didn't have actors on. She only had real chefs and I just wanted so badly to be in a magazine and said she was my name my dog after Oh, that's right and then we had to have White. And then that did the trick and when she knew that she was like, okay, This girl is a stalker, but she can come on my show so I went on and we made it to dinner together and it's what I've made over the years and it's such a good dinner. It is cranberry glazed Turkey it''s in your holiday book. Now it used to be, but and then cranberry cornbread stuffing delicious. So the peaches mixed with that lovely Brown sugar and and a little bit of cornstarch taste good and a little bit of. The bourbon It just one tablespoon really makes the difference. two tablespoons would be better. okay. Yes, that is so good Martha. It's so simple and and so it's really baked. This is big separately from the top. so no I don't ever put aluminum foil on my food you oh why Teach me do you do you have food in the I'm sure that I have is that that that okay. I just don't believe in putting aluminum onto any food. So I put a piece of parchment first, then I cried the aluminum around. Ever heard you see that? Oh, I have many times. I even invented Martha wrap, which was portrait aluminum foil, which you could find some places so there. And that goes into the same 350 degree oven until the peaches get nice and bubbling and warm and it takes about one hour so put in for the pastry gets cooks faster now to make things easier. We have swap outs so let me just wipe off the counter. I got we can finish the pie. We have a question from Claire. Yes, Martha and Jenn. What is your favorite dessert? Oh? I have so many I do too. I mean there's nothing wrong with the chocolate chip cookie with salt salty now, Oh, they're so good with it. You can even make a chocolate chip chocolate chip vanilla sandwiches. Yes, vanilla vanilla ice cream. Yes you make your own ice cream. Yes, I do. Oh that's best for your hands. I'm so glad you asked. did you not always no let me just get the rest of the the finished out. The oven Martha, What is in your garden right now we need. Okay, it's every everything is in my garden. We have I I went down my garden yesterday just to pick my furnitures ready. Oh yeah, we did too. so we're growing artichokes. all of these. these are almost done. They're almost finished. look at that. Yeah. There's the top and here is the. It's very hot. And we can undo the. We'll see how pretty see how juicy the peaches become and the color is so good and then you can just pick up this and put it on the top and it just flips and voila you have your dessert so it's kinda easy and you can do this ahead of time and your your past will never get soggy. it looks good right. It looks so good. Yeah when the part where we cut in and we say, Oh, that's later later later. you still have more work to do. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. So this is just flip over here. Martha viewers wanna know why you added bourbon to the pie flavor just flavor. It's just barely a tiny little bit of flavor, but it's it brings out. it brings out the delicious taste of the peaches. I'm gonna put this here so that it doesn't burn my countertop there there. So now I wanted to show you also how to make the lobster sandwich. Now you get lost well in La No-I, not very often no cuz they're cuz They. It's really mean so this is already. it's either steam your lobsters or boil your lobsters and how do you get the tail out. You show me. okay a fork huh. This is a lot of good on it. So let me just take that off the plate. I'm gonna put that here don't want to show this part cuz this is a little messy but. This is a. It's a lot. This is a female if you had a child because the Red the Red Yeah, actually it's truman's favorite part. He has. He likes the females seven year old loves and he knows the difference between that. I would expect nothing less so now put your fork right under this part of the tail like this and I've never done it with a cold lobster. so let's hope that it comes out and it should pull right out. I remember the first time I met you. You told me that if you hadn't been doing what you're doing, you could have been a surgeon I could've and I should've there. It's coming out. It seems like it's done right. It's you know it's cold. I've never done it on a cold lobster. I take my lobsters apart when they are when they are, you can see right out of the water. Wow. Have you been up to me? I have yes, I'm going back soon. Sorry. I'm making a mess of this cuz it's I'm gonna break it off cuz I don't wanna hurt to hurt the meat. Oh I feel so good. so there's the row. Mmm delicious. Well, That's the way you get the tail out. Oops. This should be not on ice like that, but it should be on you put a tray full of ice and you put a plastic over the ice so you don't have your meat sitting in water. I don't know who did that, but it will. We have a question for Martha and Jenn. how many times have you both cooked together. Oh my gosh. Oh, I like six or seven times. Do you think. So sweet, a lobster man. If you want shrimp, you can have shrimp you can do that. I got I got you lady. Is there now the claws? You can do one if you want just use your. I don't really know about Westerner. Oh you don't no. Oh so you have like I do but I've I've I've never lived in me. Oh, so it's usually served to me. Oh, so do I crack this bad boy right here. Yeah. crack it and yeah not too hard. You don't want to you don't want to damage the meat. Yeah. you're doing have a question from Roland Hess and the knuckles. These are called knuckles. Alright. I'm gonna watch you do it so you can do it. I will, but I'm there like. That and then this one like that, so you crush the shell and then this one is. In the fat burner, so you can take it apart like that, let's see what's coming up. Roland wants to know how long do you usually boil the lobster. Oh I boil mine. for about 15 minutes, I put them in boiling water with vodka or tequila. I give them a drink. Why well if you're going to be boiled alive. Wouldn't you like to have a drink? First? you're right? So I'm humane and so I've and about about a half a Cup of vodka to the pot of water and see how nicely the meat comes out. So rich and beautiful. Yeah. Jennifer wants to know Martha Do you love Alaskan King crab like I do I do I do I love you like the Alaska in general. Don't I love Alaska and I could go there right now. It's just one of the most interesting places and it's time to really go there and see the glaciers before they all didn't you go on a big expedition. I did you know how do you know you can watch my show you Martha pay attention. I always have this movie star. You know they have extra time they can sit in there and watch somebody that's what it is. That's what I mean. I know it is cuz you do have downtime right, but you have scenes never rare. I thought you did and if I did, I would never turn on the TV. Oh good. You have to think about your part right well. I just there's so much to do I would be. I was a mom. I was like dealing with sixth grade field trips. So fun there. It's okay. triumph. Okay. Got that done? Okay. So now we can move away from this messy messy shelves shell counter, but there's all your fish. You have lobster and shrimp and you'll have to rinse your hands again and we'll make the condiments. Yeah. That somebody. You have a question for Jen. Yes, what kind of animals do you have on your farm? in my home in LA, I have six full sized chickens and seven chicks that are where I say about 10 weeks old and then many bees a dog how many hives 707 hives. Yeah. That's a lot. I know it's a acres 30 wow, but we back up to they're more. They're more acres around. Oh boy. how fantastic we just lost a queen that we're trying to see if they're gonna reque themselves. It or if we're gonna have towe the hives, Oh yeah, they won't do it themselves most likely well, that's probably you have to get a new queen or make a new queen. so I'm making the minion for the for the sandwich and it's lemon juice and Red wine vinegar to the juice of one lemon. Do you have one of these at home? Yes, so good. you need that. If you're gonna make margaritas or guacamole, you have that that you made that didn't you no I did and then A little bit of salt and a teaspoon of salt and two teaspoons of sugar. Minna is one of my favorite sauces. Why is it a minion that instead of a vinaigrette? it has shallots in it? Oh. And you just a lot of shallots, Oh yes and that you can use this is a great great topping you can make this ahead of time or you wanna crumble the bacon into the Mayo. so we're making a bacon mayonnaise. So this is two thirds of a Cup of mayonnaise crumbled bacon and it's easier to crumple it and just put it on the sandwich and put those big pieces of bacon on the sandwich. That's the one thing I learned from Snoop was cut the bacon before you cook. I just like that sentence. There's one thing I learned from from snoops crumble bacon ahead of time, so some mustard Dijon mustard, too. You have a question for Jennifer. what are your favorite flavors You've created for Once Upon A Farm. Oh I love I. The mango I love the smoothies the smoothie I love blue Mama Blueberry. I love the blueberry. I love Apple kale. I love straight up Apple all of them. They're all really good. I love the sweet potato. Children children should be Fed all those delicious things we're gonna get to that in one second cuz I thought we should each have a sandwich. Yes made so here is our tray of avocado tomato hard-boiled egg. Fresh toast so you can make your sandwich. I'm gonna do lobster. I'm gonna do a lobster and you can slice the lobster. Oh, would you like me some lobster. I will here's some avocado If you'd like I definitely want avocado. So you're all here. I'll put yours out here so Nora says Jennifer Love your pretend cooking show any chance. Martha will join you at home Next Martha. Do you want to put on your PJs and make a pretend cooking show with me it takes about 10 minutes. Definitely. There's no hair me-I. don't wear pajamas every night gowns. Okay. great. I'm wearing a nightgown. Oh okay. We're we're sexy night. Oh, it's even more fun. I don't I don't wear bathrobes. Do you no I never have a bath. You know what I wear sweats. Let's go to sleep. I wear sweats all the time okay. So that's your your scent and show my kids know I'm home today. I put on sweats and glasses mom. Oh. so here we're just putting I'm putting my lobster. Right on the bread and you want lobster too, Yes, please okay. That's fine the other for you. Jennifer viewers wanna know what was your inspiration for Once Upon A Farm well, it was that it was a company that I would have used you know this is a funny story. You wanna hear this. Yes when I was about to have my first baby, I was on your show and you were so sweet to me and you said, I'm gonna teach you how to make homemade baby food and at the time I said, I would never make homemade baby food. I would just buy Jared because I hadn't had a baby yet. so I thought, Oh, it's all fine. Well I. A lot of things that weren't true, I was as you know the first thing you think you're gonna buy baby food. I really did. I just I didn't know what it was gonna look like so here you make all this gorgeous food for yourself and you open the jar of baby food and you go Ah. and so, of course, what did I do? I made all my kids baby food, but there are times where you don't have time to do it right and I just it did not make sense. When I heard about this little company, it was in just not many stores called Once Upon A Farm where they made baby food. It's Ari. Because it's as fresh as it can possibly be besides making it yourself and it just seemed to make sense to me. That's how baby food should be and it's not you know. normally you say baby food grows, but this I would eat you eat put it in your yogurt. You'd have it as a snack and you should want to eat the food you're feeding your baby. Yes. so that's Why thank you for asking Good. So have you visited of course all the facilities and everything is made yes and actually the one of the farms is the farm. My mom grew up on. Oh, we're growing our where's that it is in Locust. Oklahoma Roberts is the farmer my favorite one, Yes please and we just plowed it for the first time and it has it's gonna grow Persimmons oh and kale and blueberries all great for babies. That sounds so good so there and then I would put a little bit more on. I want some or you can we need a spoon you see a spoon anywhere. Yeah. Yeah. No no. Oh, this is a double situation, but you can also soak the lobster in the neck or the shrimp that you got it. Okay. Let's do that. Yeah. Oh, I preferred not having the on this. I like dipping it into it and then. You have a question for Jenn Melissa wants to know, do your kids like to cook in the kitchen with you they do my kids are really good cooks and they're great. they love spending time in the kitchen. Don't they they do and they're great Bakers. They are happy to go in my Middle daughter just went in and made a cake totally by herself the day she was so proud of she's 90. why it's so great. She was so proud of herself. I love I love it when she made everything they have that Green pipe is yes, we're sort of like. That is so look at that. A toaster bread right before you make your sandwich, not don't let it be sitting out like that cuz even for a party you just have to choose it right before. Okay. I know we're gonna have that thing where we have a bite and say, is it so good? Well that's yours. This is mine here. let's stand over here. We're gonna make it look pretty okay so that people think we know what we're doing you can have some these are all garden to me. There's pretty yeah. I'm surprised tomatoes are so early. Those are not mine. I confess. I do not have any tomatoes yet I plants for about two and a half feet tall. Tomatoes take a long time here in the Northeast. Yeah, I should go home to mountains of tomatoes. I haven't asked them. I'd love the bacon in the mail viewers wanna know what kind of bread you guys are using that is a country White Loaf perfect. It's wonder bread. No, I'm not it is not it's wonderful bread. Martha loves it is you know when my mother used to send me to the to the store for the BB bread. I would open one and very carefully and I would eat through the Middle and take it all out and put it back together again and then I've had her Loaf at home and then I get what she knew. I ate the whole inside mm hmm. It's so good but wonder Bridges to be delicious. It's a great question for you. I can I can eat. It's that's my lunch and a great question from Samantha. she wants to know. Do you guys have any tips for a first-time mom looking to make baby food? Mmm mm hmm. you're you're the you're the young mom. you're the you No. That's okay. I wanna hear what you have to say cuz you're now the entrepreneur with the baby food Okay. I would say breast is best for six months somewhere in there, you start mixing in a little whatever you wanna do whatever your doctor is recommending whether it's With some oatmeal or quinoa or and then you start mixing in different flavors and just kind of expanding their palette and then as they get bigger, you want them to have what you're having right as soon as possible, Yup and push it up. If you have to but boy, I think I think there's the sooner and I don't mean the sooner it as soon as your doctor says, you can feed a solid foods. then you can start making delicious foods and then the convenience of having something like and I have not tasted. So I'm gonna take one of each and feed it to the nearest baby and see what they say you like them. Toomer Daisy. My makeup artist has a new baby who's on baby food now and we're gonna try it out on him. good. Yeah. it's so cute and he loves food. so we're gonna try it and see how he responds, but I'm sure since it does come from Jennifer Garner gotta be good. It actually really is good babies and moms love it. You can feel great about it, but let's talk about one other thing, which is how good the sandwich is really good. It is it's it's so. Jett Yeah. any other questions from all of you out there that you have a question for Jen. Oh viewers saw that you threw a party upstate this weekend. Can you describe what that event was for you? It was it Amber waves. Oh my gosh. What a great farm was that on Saturday huh and I was in LA. I have stuff there and we're gonna miss each other. I know I'm so sorry cuz I have a House in East Hampton. Oh my gosh. I'm beautiful. I've I've spent time in here. Oh beautiful. It's so beautiful and so what you do how many people showed up Well we. it was a lot of moms and kids and they had a farm stand. You could pick your own stuff. You can make your own bouquet. We have run. It's a CSA. isn't it a CSA farms? Yeah. Did you do you know Ron Finley the the the gangster gardener. He's an urban gardener. We don't know him personally, but I know I would like it for sure so we we got together in plants and some things we have lemonade stand and we you know celebrated once upon a time, it's really fun. That is so nice. Oh good. Yeah. so it should we try it, but I guess this is warm. It's an ice cream in the bottom. Can I have that little? Thank you. Jennifer Watch your pie. Oh, And vanilla ice cream. So do you do do you always do a custard or do you ever cheat and just do milk or cream? Yeah, Of course, the new ice creams you know you don't don't have eggs in them anymore. They don't know most don't have eggs. I prefer eggless ice cream you do. Oh my gosh, you heard it here first. I like sorbet, I like my mother's Sherwood, just there is gelato that is gorgeous. this gelato have generally no-I gelato. Look at this. The peaches are just so perfectly cooked. It's an easy way to make a pie. Oh look at that. That's one right here. These peaches are so good now you can do this the same pie with plums nectarines cherries. You can also mix it up and you just add here to a rasps blueberries. I just picked all the blueberries you have blueberries yes and we have so many blueberries. I didn't think I could do it, but then someone recommended it and I cleaned it a Gillian in California. Yes. Oh good. Now. I have a bunch of frozen cuz mine are done mine were done in June. I have a. Jenn viewers wanna know what different ages are once upon a time or Once Upon A Farm great for they start as soon as you're ready to feed your baby five months and then there's a to age that has they kind of progress and they're tots that have more texture and more diverse flavors. and then it goes all the way up in the smoothies, but really yeah in the smoothies are delicious, you will enjoy them. They're. The smoothies package in the same package for now, they're all the same. What did you add to this ice cream? Is there a little cognac or something? or is it just that tasty? That is good stuff and that is just So they go to the organic cream. Yes, so any face from baby all the way up into child. For sure, she'll enjoy them well, I could eat that whole pie and so can you if you It's so easy to make and it's so good and you can make lots of them. If you're going to have a big buffet party, you can just do every different flavor down the down. The buffet like why is it so good? isn't it good in the pastry is so good right? you're hungry. That's why so you have a big promo tour right now for for Once Upon A Farm, I am doing a little bit of press for it or you have to yeah and I'm excited entrepreneurs have to publicize market advertise. Work work It's true and also people don't know where to look for us because they look So where do you look? We're in the refrigerated section. Okay next to baby yogurt Usually okay so that you have to go. You have to go to stores' Kroger Whole Foods Target and beyond. Oh good. Okay. So we will it's easy to find most of us shop at those places. If you have a question for Martha and Jenn viewers wanna know do you guys are really like to cook while listening to music. I do don't have music on all the time. Yeah. I have music on I I actually play Symphony because of I have Canaries who love singing along with Beethoven and and do they really Oh yes, they sing all the time they like country music and that that's too much they like the vacuum or classical. That's they don't they don't like what I bring vocalist too often yesterday they were we were playing something they wanna be the stars. They wanna be the stars. They wanna be do the same but but I have been on 24 hours a day in my House and it's it's so nice to have music and of course you can play some good dance music and dance away while you're cooking. do you do that. Of course, yeah. do you remember when I talked to my way into your House. We're in Bedford mm, hmm. Oh, I heard I remember that yes, she talked her way. Not gonna let you in Jennifer come on and I did Angelique wants to know you subscribe to Martha Living magazine. I have since the very beginning. it is the most bought over thing in my House. My daughter steals it the second she sees it. We usually have a couple because I get so frustrated cuz she has it that I buy another one. Well, it's cooking. they need those recipes because there's recipes from simple to more complicated and every single month you get really good new ideas in the magazine. Martha like this, you're eating the whole thing you must be hungry when you go to the gym today I did not, but I'm going back to that sandwich Sams that we can and then go back and we'll be happy to answer any other questions. any other viewers wanna know where can they get the recipe? Oh? Right at Martha Stewart dot com or in the July issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine. Thank you. Jennifer. You're welcome. Yeah. let's add this issue. I've read it cover to cover so good. Oh my gosh look here. it is our lunch looks like the cover. we did such a good job. Are you gonna finish your pie? cuz I'm gonna have you're gonna have all my ice cream. But it's just ice cream. I am not doing. I'm not doing action movies right now. so I'm not gonna eat it. Others scoop of ice cream. You can have my ice cream but I'm gonna eat the rest of my sandwich. so if should we look at should we look a little bit at your? Oh yeah. Of course, I don't know what time it is how long how long have you been talking to everybody? Oh my gosh this 10. Yeah. 45 minutes went by really fast here standing here cuz you're you have to tell us okay so different color tops signifying what different color tops just so pretty cuz it's your food should be a rainbow and the food inside is a rainbow and you can see we have the window there so that you can see the color. It's real mango. There's nothing else. If you look under ingredients with my eyes don't work, but it says organic mango. That's it. Yeah. There's nothing else in there. It's organic and a hundred calories. For the Super oh sorry book Super smoothie, right, which most baby food is so filled with sugar. There's nothing in here. Mango sweet as Apple pie apples hugg by cinnamon and dates. Yes, But there's another Apple Apple blueberry straight from the Apple. That's my favorite, and this one is Wild Rumpus avocado. What does that mean Rumpus it''s cuz it's Once Upon A Farm. It's like a story book, kind of thing and so. From Apple's blended with juicy blueberries, organic apples, that's it Oh, is that yeah, you wanna try it and the whole thing it's. It's like a baby, I'm delicious. It's delicious right Yup and it taste like what it is. It's apples. Yeah. so the resealable but a big hail and the whole thing right. Okay. Baby baby can eat the whole. There are many things. Oh yeah there should be sweet potatoes in here somewhere. Don't delightful enough sunshine. Strawberry Pat's. Oh. yeah. Oh strawberry, but I'm not kidding that could be on your ice cream and you would say yes, mom your blueberry blueberry. Perfection They all have a great ingredient in there for brain growth as well. So when you're making your homemade baby food, maybe think to add something great with Omega threes for your baby's brain like quinoa avocado or whatever else would be good. papaya papaya. Yeah. That's why we're growing this persimmons very interesting and and a very good. If you don't have time to cook open one of these and not something else right. Yes, please cuz you'll be getting with Jennifer feeds her brilliant daughters. Are you driving? Oh, I have a lot of them. Oh yeah. Lots of fun. Well, we had a very nice time. talking to Jennifer Gardner today and cooking up a nice little lunch. I hope you enjoyed our Facebook Live and we'll see you very soon on our next one, but it won't be with Jennifer Garner. I'm sorry to say it come back. you never know you never know. Yeah. Thank you tend to pop up.

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