My special step-by-Step Masto Khiar recipe for Spinney's YUM

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Mother's day recipe for Spinney's. Don't forget to add your salt & pepper like I did in this video ;)

Posted 4 years ago in Food & Drink

Sheila SH 3 years ago

Everything is as beautiful as your face. I'm big fan of you. I always follow you and cook your dishes and we love them. One thing I don't like is that music that it really bothering me. It's louder than your voice. Is this music really necessary or is it possible not to have it with your beautiful videos or is it possible to make it much much lower than your voice? It's really annoying and taking the attention and interest away .... 😕

Ana Samarghandi 3 years ago

Vida Rahamian har så många frågor om det här

Mahshid Bazargani 4 years ago

Lovely thanks 🤗❤️

Kunal Mathur 3 years ago

I love your recipe

Jamak Moslehi 4 years ago

Thanks for the wonderful recipes...funny how food items and vessels have traveled over to other areas :)

Edna Chimal 4 years ago

Salam Ariana joon!
Thank you for share those delicious recipes😋

Shokoofeh Kamaei 4 years ago

دست شما درد نکنه💓💓💓

Arash Davari Davari 4 years ago

Hollllllllly cow.

Where did you get all that zafferon from.

Must healthy food is tas kabab


Dorna Borhani 4 years ago

Love the picture of you and your beautiful mom❤️👩‍👧