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Happy Father's Day! In a special tribute to astronaut Scott Tingle, his son wrote, produced, and sent to him in space the song “To Touch the Stars” in...
Okay I remember when I used to sky see all those are imagine floating I remember how hard my heart use to race When I dreamed that I could fly and soar and finally in my bed, so I set my sights. It's the moon that I'm looking. So, Never give up no end inside to watch me touch the sides here. I go soaring high. I've been to the skies to watch me touch the stars. Soaring high. Up into the sky. Watch me Touch this. The story. I can make my son's and Down at the world and see my baby. So I let down. And see my baby girl. Hey. stay with you. We miss you already, but we're very proud of you and we're very glad you're having fun. me-I so high. I've been to the sky to watch me touch the stars here. I go so high I. To watch me touch this. Don't. Watch me touch I've been to the sky. Hey, Bubba you from spains doing well just call the kind of see the I think you're going and if you're ready to make graduation next Saturday, I'm gonna be watching and so please communicate with the Email. Let me know how things are going what your plans are things like that that I just wanna make sure we're we're set up to take care of if you need it. Well, my friends and I love you. I miss you. You'll be good. Bye.

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