The Branches of Faith (Ramadan 2018 - Part 13): Belief in Qadr - Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi

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Belief in Qadr is one of the fundamental pillars of Islam. Without it, a person has not fully believed in Allah(SWT). Qadr is also one of the principles of Iman that is mentioned throughout Quran. Allah(SWT) says regarding the Battle of Badr:”If the both of you had attempted to agree on a time and place to meet, you would not have been able to agree. In this Ayah, Allah is saying that they would not have met, as it is only because of His Qadr that they did.

It is also mentioned in a famous Hadith when Jibreel asked the Prophet(SAW): “What is Iman”. The Prophet(SAW) listed six pillars and the last of them was ‘to believe in the Qadr’. In one version, he also mentioned that everything that happens, that which you find good and that which you find bad, you must believe that it is all from Allah.(SWT)

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Title: The Branches of Faith (Ramadan 2018 - Part 13): Belief in Qadr

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