Tuesday wants her bone back

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And now your late night post...

It's a full moon coming kids and I am here to testify as to the weirdness out there. Time to build a sofa fort and hide until it's over. It's a good thing I'm not a judge because pretty much everyone would get the chair this week. So, say hello to Tuesday and Focker. Connie who writes your Morning Cuppa is fostering Tuesday the puppy and Focker. This is what she has to say:

"Tuesday is Big Fluffy foster puppy. She’s my cure for thinking I need a puppy. This is what happens every single night. She gives Focker her chew or toy. Then spends the next hour coyly and loudly asking for it back. Every. SINGLE. NIGHT. Watch your volume. She be but little, but the bark is mighty."

Happy Thursday kids.

PS Tuesday will be adoptable soon. You can start applying anytime.

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