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The Tule Lake Pilgrimage was a week ago, but we here at Lava Beds National Monument wanted to share this amazing video of Modoc Representitives at the Pilgrimage's closing ceremony gifting a song to those involved.

Taylor Tupper, her father, Grayson Tupper, and Cheewa James are seen in the video singing this song of change and new beginning accompanied by drums. Taylor stated that the song is the last remaining song in the Modoc language that she knows of and that it was passed onto her by another Modoc elder.

The song survived the Indian Boarding School days. The Modoc elder and her sister would sneak off into the woods and sing it to each other during birthdays, the change of the seasons, and more. If they were caught singing the song, they were severely punished, but this did not deter them from keeping this amazing tradition alive.

Taylor stated that she wanted to share this song with not only those directly connected to the Tule Unit, but to everyone that attended the Pilgrimage and to share this song with others to honor the time everyone spent together, as well as to continue to strive for change.

To learn more about the Modoc and other Klamath tribes, visit them at

NPS video by Danny Ortiz and edited by Emily Hall of Taylor Tupper, Grayson Tupper, & Cheewa James at the Ross Ragland Theater for the Pilgrimage Closing Ceremonies on July 1st, 2018.

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