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**Introducing 6 Questions in 60 Seconds**
Our Marketing Ambassador, Sheena, has been busy catching up with students, alumni and lecturers – getting...
Hi, my name is sara alina and I'm a student at the mountains for the masses of international hotel management study in Australia has been really rewarding. But the most exciting thing would be to get to know people from different cultures and I would say almost two thousand 13 three words would be for me travel service and people minus replacement was great. I was part of the reopening theme for new learning haha. We had a great time. I got a little a lot of people management and stuff body was Super Bowl Fun and very rewarding and uh it's definitely makes you a better professional. My main advice would be just get out. There and challenge yourself get out of your comfort zone and just enjoy I'm going to focus on events once I finish, my Masters and hopefully fingers crossed in five years having my own wedding planning company

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