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You're never too old to rave, right? 馃槣
I've always been so annoyed by youngsters, turning their amateurish coconut crusted noses up for us in horror. Politics No way tell them that we were here. First. I might have gray hair, but so what I have a young partner that helps us both. I'd say they haven't got the the strength to cope with going so long as I have perhaps music has no boundaries inside waters when you go out and party. Definitely the drugs are back in the day. Yeah, I think everything is so organized. now you haven't got that excitement as much now. it's a bit different. You see a lot of people go to listen to and watch as opposed to dance. you see pictures of everyone's got their iPhones and they're watching the wave through their iPhones. No one 's just there having it. I don't know what they do with all that really all they're saying that I did feel mister when I was out so you know what it was Oh, I'd love to go back to the nineties for one night. I only feel old when someone when my friends go. This is my friend. Nate. She's 40 - six and people go 30 - six. No. 40 - six. I'm like sharp joke someone's asked. Yeah if someone's my mom with me, one of my friends where she won mom people come up to me a young young part he goes and they say, Oh, they'll ask me where the tool is thinking I'm part of the part of the security or the management of the club and Only one job. When I was probably nine say my career probably would have done better. I don't be no more alert every Monday morning. probably some of my life with my children for sure, I got that when I speak from my wife, that was one of the things that came up, It's very difficult to have to strike a balance between home life and music life. If you like if you include everything in the round, it's really hard. And I think I overcooked it, you don't make sacrifices party in part. This is a part of life. so you go out you do your part in and it blends. It's gotta be a blend of wise. It doesn't feel right. yeah so join us she feels secure in the club as well and she looks just like me and yeah with with my friends and few things with them so sometimes when I am doing the line you know I got to six o'clock I am gonna go initially it's oh how can you do that you know but you know like once they get over the fat it's my kids and yeah it's can't really cool when not was my kids we kind of like sisters and I make a big deal about Oh, my God mom and stop it clubbing with your children should be really encouraged. probably not now we'll see I'll still be there. 80. No. I'm definitely not gonna stop raving. I'm gonna go until the end, but basically there's no nothing is given in a wheelchair or whatever it's not gonna stop me going part in just love it. I think if you if you're 60 - five or 80 - five if you can still get up and you still wanna shake it or even if you don't wanna shake it, you can still go and still sit you can still too weak and still listen. I think there's a there's a niche market for residential homes to have their own raves setup and I'm gonna be the And those people will be sitting in their chairs. I remember when I used to get out to this, I think that will happen for sure and I'll be there.

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