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Beer is the new food.
The Hipster chef is back on the Food Network Canada and he's branching out The restaurant. Business is dead Every single place is run by some bearded tattoo hipster serving pretentious food on chunks of wood So I close my restaurant I opened up the one business where I won't be surrounded by hipsters a micro brewery beer is a new food Ball pops yeast water These are the four sides of the circle of life A good beer has more ingredients than a good meal Can I try the course life Oh come on mom Try something new live a little Alright I have a regular course today on offer we have optical illusion Hoppy seconds Black hop down hot bed piece optimist Prime Z Robocop the first beer and chicken nugget Happy meal hop collaborate and listen and I like spicy food so I love the spicy beer today we have It hurts when I P A can, we just have your most normal beer please Alright Alright We don't jugs Okay This is craft beer first We're gonna swear the glass to unlock the subtle nuances Now take two short sharp snips very good. Now mouth open and fight the sand Exhale from the nose What do you get it Daisy Can we drink it now Sure just take a tongue depressor now dip the tongue depressor into the beer Take the tongue depressor place it on the very tip of your tongue but the flavor what happened to your beard We drank them But we really enjoyed them how dare you tune in to the hips or Chef next week because this week is so last week

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