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If you are new to real estate, or are thinking about getting started, check out this advice from Tamara Slamek and Robert Richardson in this episode of...
At my opinion, would be uh for new agent to get a data base so one thing that we Premier crye-leike, is moxie so if you use it great if not find something that you can utilize to keep your clients information and e-mails phone numbers. All in one spot Web based so you don't lose it. If your computer crashes will be laughing good advice. I bought you tomorrow. I think the biggest thing from my point would be um show up um so many new agents don't show up at the office and that is one of the most important things in places that I knew agent can be picking up for duty calls or calls that are coming in um speaking with other agents um you never know what on agent will come in and say hey I have so much going on do you wanna take this listing or do you wanna hold open House for me. Cuz I'm going somewhere, so um showing up at the office would be my pointed of nothing that's huge agency. You showing up and see that you care they're gonna try to help you because they were a new agent at one time and so there's that absolutely could not exactly and it in this office there's so many different branches um you know that the crye-leike is is doing from relocation Department where you can get your leads and and um even realtors, to what I'm doing this property management where, if you're bored, you can just take some of my people in and showed in my House For um just talk to people and just make friends and be happy and um and things yeah good stuff following shadow yeah. So data base and to show up and that's what do you think great advice okay. Thank you guys. Do you

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