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Let's rewind back to 2010 when LeBron James announced his decision to sign with the Miami Heat...
It's July eighth 2010 after weeks and months and years really of speculation we're about to find out where Lebron James will sign as a free agent He's gonna tell us right now in the Middle of an hour long Espn special entitled The decision This is weird How the hell did we get here Lebron has been talking for a while already and the things he said. Shine some light on events proceeding this moment like this and that's what I did a few years ago. I put myself in a position to have this this this process. Lebron really did put himself in this position In 2006 to Cleveland, Cavaliers offered their budding superstar a five year extension on his contract Lebron instead requested a three year extension that kicked in the following year setting them up to become a first-time unrestricted free agent in the summer of 2010 during that extension Lebron has blossomed into a two time League M V P but his cabs have only been to the finals once and they got swept Cleveland's efforts to provide James. A Co star have been lacking but heading into the 0910 season with free agency looming Cleveland really went for it trading for what remains of Shaquille O 'neal and acquiring Antwan Jamison at the deadline. This is where I have to mention that rumors suggested the cabs could have also traded for Marissa Meyer but they didn't wanna give up JJ Hickson and the deal. It's more That but still anyway Lebron and friends had the best record in the beat the Bulls in the first round of the 2010 playoffs and then ran into the Celtics in the second round the Cavs built a 21 series lead then fell apart Lebron struggled, especially in a dismal game. Five in Boston took the series at six This was supposed to be the year Cleveland One big but it very much wasn't and without that success as a bargaining chip to keep Lebron around Cavs owner Dan Gilbert panic he fired Mike Brown The recent coach of the year winner, who led Cleveland to the finals general manager Danny Ferry, resigned in protest while the franchise Convulsed fans in Lebron's hometown of Akron held a rally in his honor He showed up after it had ended but James did suggest that he preferred to stay in Cleveland. You know this city these fans I mean has given me a lot You know for me, it's comfortable and so it does have an age and the Cavs moved quickly to find a new coach would help convince him to stay They offered a heap of money Michigan State's Tom is but he didn't like that Lebron uncertainty and declined Eventually, the Cavs hired Byron Scott who coach the nets to a couple finals, then had some winning years with Lebron's friend Chris Paul in New Orleans Pretty good higher but Lebron didn't say a public word about it not even on his brand new Twitter account So Cleveland fans are nervous Lebron just happened to get drafted by his hometown team. He had no control over that now he does have control It's something new for him, which he also addressed Special you were able to be recruited because you went straight to the from high school so hope you enjoy this recruiting process now I have enjoyed it and you know, I wanna thank all 16 Yes Lebron has made it clear that precisely six teams are eligible for services Not that others aren't trying The 2010 free agent class is deep but once July first hit all six of those teams paused their other negotiations to fly to Cleveland and line up for meetings with Lebron the New Jersey nets First meeting on Thursday, the first they just finished a 12 win season but they have brand new draft pick. Derrick favors the cap flexibility to add another big star like Chris Bosh a new owner from Russia with ungodly wealth that he got doing not crimes and they have Jay Z one of Lebron's good friends. As a part owner he came to the meeting as well The nets thought their meeting went great Cool What did the bronze think I guess we'll find out, but there were five more meetings to consider later on July first The next got an audience with Lebron New York spent the last couple of years frantically blasting all their decent well-paid players into outer space, so they have room not just for Lebron, but for a couple of free agents the Knicks made that clear in their meeting and talk up the benefits of Mike D'antoni fast paced offense and the benefits of playing in a market like New York where they suggested James could literally become a billionaire but the next mostly let others do the talking They presented a video with testimonials from all sorts of New York celebrities and the even recruited James Gandolfini and Edie Falco to get back in character and film That they present it to Lebron because he's a Sopranos fan I'm not joking in the video Tony soprano wearing a beard because he was in witness protection Asked where his friend Lebron, should stay when visiting town and then Carmela said he should stay at Madison Square Garden Yo nicks If Tony and Carmella are in witness protection, then why are they living in New York? That's just a couple miles away from their hometown Okay, you're trying to recruit somebody plot matters. I'm asking as a fan of yours to get your shit together but anyway. New York is a possibility Lebron's first meeting on July second was with the Miami Heat Miami hasn't been wildly dumping salary like New York, but they have been careful to keep the team around. Dwayne Wade pretty lean a risky move since he's a free agent this summer. Tip Heat President Pat Riley pull strings his own way when the Cavs came to Miami for a game in November 2009 Riley arranged a meeting between himself Lebron and Michael Jordan You know just a couple of basketball guys hanging out and not tampering at all soon after Ron dramatically announced he would stop wearing number 20 - three as soon as possible at of difference the legacy. So Riley knows he's got some influence and he exerted every bit of it. In the free agent meeting. He showed. Lebron. His numerous Championship rings invited Alonzo morning to talk about heat culture and made sure to mention that there's no state income tax in Florida. So that's gotta be enticing. Lebron's next suitor on July second was the Clippers Clippers GM Neil. All she has known Lebron for Just wanted to talk about basketball forget, glitz and glamour, said meal The Clippers have talent They have Baron Davis They have Blake Griffin, who missed his whole rookie year because of injury, but still they have Chris Cayman It was a short meeting, but you never know On Saturday, July third Lebron had his last two meetings The first was with his current team who enlisted fans to hold up signs and rallies and wherever Lebron went throughout the weekend Lebron met with new coach Byron Scott and new Chris Grant The cabs also played a video depicting Lebron as part of a homemade family guy style cartoon that referenced inside jokes Only members of the Cavaliers would get speaking of things only the Cavs would get Cleveland can offer more money than anyone else since they're the incoming teeth So there's always returning home But Lebron had one more meeting on Saturday and it was with the team many considered a front runner at the time The Bulls pitch was simple Lebron can pick up where we left off and win a bunch of rings in Chicago His all star supporting cast is already in place The bulls have Derrick Rose They have Joakim Noah and they have cap space even after signing Lebron Oh and it's what President Obama wants The bulls make a lot of sense that team would be sick So we know this six possibilities for Lebron's answer here. We just don't know which of the six he'll say how many people know your decision right now not men or do we know to no one 's surprise a lot of rumors have been percolating around all of this and eventually some actual reports. One rumor that's Around for years, but mostly in like Bill Simmons, mail bags and stuff seems too wild to be true The rumor went that when Lebron Bosh and Wade were together with team preparing for the Olympics they made a pact to join forces once their contracts all expired in 2010 And I'm sure whoever spread that rumor noticed when Lebron's agency Cdc purchase the agency that claimed Boston weight as clients The rumors still kind of faded until late June when Stephen, a Smith, said this but Stephen has been sending out all kinds of tweets that contradict His prior statement or are just unhinged, so who knows anyway after the weekend of Lebron meetings teams actually started making some moves The Hawks decided to hold on to Joe Johnson The next agreed to terms with Marissa Meyer, who then immediately started promoting the idea of him in Lebron's coastal The Bolt struck a deal with Carlos Boozer another edition to what is clearly the strongest Pre-existing roster. Lebron could join the Raptors put together a sign and trade that would help Chris Bosh get to Cleveland and perhaps become Lebron's Start there but then boss decided to join the heat instead with Wade returning to Miami by his side validating at least part of Stephen, a Smith report amidst all of this Lebron finally set a deadline new surface that he would announce his decision on P reporters soon gathered that the event would be filmed in Greenwich, Connecticut All advertising dollars will go to charity and Lebron would announce by way of an interview with sportscaster Jim Gray the rumors since then Have been out of control player Chad Ocho Cinco and B player Jared Dudley both say Lebron's going to New York and I don't know they're not reporters, but the sound of confidence and reports suggesting the Tv's special might be filmed at the home of Nick's executive Allan Houston gave New Yorkers even more hope Although we later found out it would take place at the local Boys and Girls Club Meanwhile US magazine reported that Lebron has rented six cabanas at the W Hotel in South Beach Celebrate his signing, which got heat fans excited then on Wednesday night 20. - four hours before this decision Tv's Special New York reporter Allen Hans straight up reported it via multiple sources. Lebron will join Wade and Bosh in Miami and Chris Broussard properly reported the same thing, Yes and refuses to get scooped on this one. But I don't know there have been reports since that. The heat Organization pulled newspaper ads that they were gonna run Maybe Lebron changed his mind overnight Maybe the reports were somehow wrong to begin with Maybe the heat are just following League rules The Knicks reportedly sent M legend and disgraced executive Isaiah Thomas on a last ditch recruiting mission to meet with Lebron's people in Cleveland which man if Isaiah really is the one to bring Lebron to New York. That is gonna be a lot to wrap my head around But like is Lebron really gonna use this hour long TV special to break the hearts of all Fellow Ohioans Some folks can't believe he would do that but police are preparing for riots if he does because Clevelanders will not take that well Not like this Cavs fans are ready to react and so are millions of fans at home not to mention crowds outside the event in Greenwich they've had to sit through about half an hour of this special before Lebron's verdict inside. Lebron is flanked by Gray and surrounded by children He's got branding all around him from the company's advertising dollars will go to charity Kanye is here Why not also? There's a 13 year old named Donovan Mitchell in the crowd outside the boys and Girls Club I have no idea why I'm telling you this altogether This is B free agency taken to its extreme The game's best player has put himself in a position of control He has the whole League dancing round Six handpick teams came to Cleveland to pitch Lebron in a variety of ways Now he will choose one we've been told which but it's hard to Signal from noise amid all this Okay it's time Let's find out Welcome to a moment in history and this fall man it's very tough in this farm will take my talents to South Beach and join the Miami

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