Zambian soldiers excel during ZAMBAT 4 training

U.S. Embassy Zambia • 4 years ago   765     96  •  49.4K Views
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The United States is proud to train Zambian peacekeepers! Here is a short video highlighting a U.S.-supported ZAMBATT 4 training exercise at Nanking...

Posted 4 years ago in Crime & Tragedy
Shekiso Zimba
Shekiso Zimba4 years ago


Paul Mubangar
Paul Mubangar4 years ago

Mavchit Phirisen ...see oh

Mazuba Phiri
Mazuba Phiri3 years ago

Yokosa candle bwana hahaha

Dras Neves
Dras Neves4 years ago


Evans Mulenga
Evans Mulenga4 years ago

Edson Humphrey Chama i see you man,

Micky MÏçky Micky
Micky MÏçky Micky1 year ago

I like it

Dras Neves
Dras Neves4 years ago

Mwamba Paka