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Jake Mencacci ’18 and Brad Hauser ’17 are channeling their passion for sports into their careers and joining a list of Saint Mary's alumni who have...
Athletics has played an absolutely integral role and who I am as a person and it's been my life ever since I can really remember coming to st. mary's to play division. Three hockey was an awesome opportunity and was really competitive but I just knew that the pros or maybe a little out of reach, but it still wanna stay connected to the game, not everybody can be economy. David wayne gretzky of hockey and Mike trout or the dark gear baseball so that's kind of where and when I realize that I wasn't gonna be that kind of guy, I realize that the business I was gonna be where I wanted to be Our classroom experience here is, unlike I've ever seen before at any other institution. We truly incorporate those real world scenarios into our classroom. We treat our students as if they are not only working professional adults but individuals that are ready to enter the workforce. My goal for them is to be able to experience what it really is like to work in the field of sport. That might be in sport analytics that might be in sport, marketing that might be managing bigtime events so I currently work for the Minnesota wild as a member of their marketing and intelligence group, we were kinda wide variety of things ranging from ticketing analytics to digital and social media. Analytics marketing strategy and corporate sponsorships, as a mining operations assistant. I will work with the team and whatever they would need that could be logistic. That could be catering that could be scouting reports being able to even started this entry level position with the pirates Organization it's something that still gives me chills talking about right now. I never would have imagine that Right out of school, I'd be in the front office making such an impact. Professional sports Organization. You know, even meeting with the President of the company and the owner of the company and getting to kinda interact with players on a daily basis. It's it's truly unbelievable and it's one of the coolest experiences probably that I've ever had our students and alumni. I have experienced so many different types of opportunities to have experiential learning and also gain full employment Some of the success stories that we've seen from our students and alumni have been with the number of professional sports franchises and just the name of you, those were the Pittsburgh pirates, the La rams Cleveland browns Minnesota wild Chicago blackhawks USA hockey Boston bruins also win craft and espn x games. I think that gives you a good idea as to really who we are as a sport management program and we're our students end up going

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