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We're throwing a big party, and you're invited!

We have officially been in the Kansas City area for 18 months, and we want to say Thank You to...
What's up guys, Jeff and kyle with something Super stores. It has been eighteen months as we've open in Kansas city and to say thank you, but also celebrate we're throwing you guys a huge party dies the party's gonna, be at our new later location. It's gonna be 11 AM to 4 PM on Saturday. May 12 we have a ton for you guys to do when you get out here, we have over a dozen vendors. We have supplement companies coming in town. We have meal prep companies. We have area gyms well, there is going to be over 50 door prizes and over a thousand giveaways so everybody should be leaving with something in there and and if you haven't met first form seal and for selah will be showing up as well guys on that day don't worry about Food don't worry about during we're gonna be covering both those for you we're also gonna have a dj here is gonna be playing music all day long on top of that we're gonna have contest going on all day long so we're gonna have venture own body weight, pull ups row 500 meters and those contest we're all gonna have some awesome prizes. We have men's and women's divisions for each contest, so there's truly something out here for everyone guys. If you've already been shopping at something Super stores, we thank you and we appreciate your support if you've never check us out this will be the Good day to do so, so if you're into fitness, we will see you on Saturday. May the twelfth see you guys on may. 12

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