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Mrs. Betty Bowers, America's Best Christian
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This is the worst of the who's really the only thing that dies when you say I literally died, is your claim to literacy. Besides your friends already know you're not smart enough to speak metaphorically actually it's actually actually meaningless. How most people actually feel sentences with this word actually actually like stop. It classy goodness looks like a persian cross to do when the lottery classes the quintessential trump word of all their way to say You're not voter because once you said classy you're not informations reader, this is what people always call themselves when they want to impress me with how much they read. I can't help, but think if you really read that much you have a more original way of sending pretensions about it. Alright in English is not body spray to hide your audience miss don't use big words when precise one 's already For example, if you are rapist you're, not yes you're, uh rapist and if you're a racist you're, not alright your uh racist trust me. There's. Nothing right about you. Social Justice, warriors, the, fuck. If you think it's an insult to accuse someone of being for social Justice or games fashions of you need to work on your savage burn smells like safe space pc. you We'll get you ready, kill people who are being to touch. You when you get triggered by happy holidays. Okay I'll use everyone has values when you call yourself a values voter. You should just that yours are the only kind. This is not only hilarious Lee papa's to the rest of us to the really insulting to jesus because your values never one of being use another example of stealing a useful word from the rest of us. He trent, if you have for second amendment in your twitter Profile you're not a patriot you're, someone with a crazy gun finish patriot support the whole constitution, not just the parts that enables your colors to play Russian roulette. The exact saying something is either the same or dissimilar exact same is not similar to same. Only better is the same as same exact opposite is the same as exact same the opposite of correct wheelhouse of having thank you don't know what this word means stop using it take news if you can't make news fit your politics the problem isn't the news convenient is not a sooner Them, for true because the two sides to every story of true and false not yours in mind, facts are not political, lies. Are blessed. God's head out. The holocaust, so do you really think you lifted a finger to get you that new lexus religious freedom oh don't call it freedom. What it's about taking it away from someone else. You want against religious persecution. You just wanna make sure you are the one doing it which, of course, brings us to a America's most misused word Christian Christian only refers to people who follow the teachings of jesus so if you judge, divorce retaliate, accumulate wealth with hold that wealth from the poor pray in public call yourself, something that's. The opposite of Christian Republican

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