Pete Perignon and his Orchestra - "Traigo La Salsa"

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Here is MEINL artist Pete Perignon and his Orchestra performing the song "Traigo La Salsa". The MEINL instruments used in this video are the Bronze Timbales, WILLIAM 'KACHIRO' THOMPSON Artist Congas and the Woodcraft Bongos.
Carlos Nevarez - lead singer
Jorge Yadiel Santos and Ricardo Andrés - backing vocals
Jean Carlos Camuñas - Congas
Jesus Laboy - Bongos
Jorge D. Rivera - Bass
Juan Rivera - Piano
Jahaziel García and Luis "Wiso" Rivera - Trumpets
Cesar Ayala and Jerry "El Bebo" Rivas - Trombones
Victor "Yuk" Maldonado - Bari Sax
Music by Javier Vázquez
Music adaptation by Carloscar Cepero
Sound Recording and Mixing by Hector Ivan Rosa, Tito Peña and Luis "Wiso" Rivera
Video filmed and edited by Javier Hernandez

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