John Abraham is ready for #MyntraFashionWeekender!

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John Abraham and Ecko India are participating in the #MyntraFashionWeekender on November 26 and 27. Join them for 48 hours of non-stop fashion fun, on the Myntra app and website! The party begins at midnight on Friday... Be there! -->

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Neeraj Kumar 1 year ago

i have already bought 4 products of ecko unltd..i would love to buy few more at discounted price...😊

Piyush Maheshwari 1 year ago


Saleem Saleem 1 year ago

Nice Fashion

Sanju Choudhary 1 year ago

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Pansra Rajnish 1 year ago

just register and get 500 talk time immediate from the below link

Harendra Sahani 1 year ago

Ya I'm shopping myntra shop

Ashu Gupta 1 year ago

Worst shopping website ever they used the name of sale just too fool coustomers nothing elese what ever the products original cost is they make the price double and then put 50% off ..

Myntra 1 year ago

Oh! Glad to hear this. Further, you may keep on our app/website for discount on the products.

Vicky Rai 1 year ago New videos dosto hsi na rok paoge i promise plz plz plz like,share,comment,nd subscribe brother

Madhusmita Bhuyan 1 year ago

Madhusmita Bhuyan 1 year ago

Madhusmita Bhuyan 1 year ago

Madhusmita Bhuyan 1 year ago

Madhusmita Bhuyan 1 year ago

Vivek Misra 1 year ago

If I watch the video with the sound muted, the model looks like he is abusing someone.. lol...

Tanmay Gaikar 1 year ago

I received my package today, I ordered for Versace aviator sunglasses. And all I received was a fancy box with a sunglasses case in it, with no sunglasses. How ironic is that.i just want a refund. By today evening. Or else this is gonna be published on Facebook with all pictures n proofs. And if Myntra wants a unsatisfied customer. Then we can take it to the consumer court as well.

Myntra 1 year ago

Hey Ashu, the MRP at Myntra is always consistent and we assure you there is no change in the MRP.

Ashu Gupta 1 year ago

it happend with me thats why i am saying soo plzz dont ignore these type of your cheated policies 😖

Salman Ansari 1 year ago

I love ecko brand :) ordered one shirt from myntra couple of weeks ago and i love this :)

Komal Mane 1 year ago

No MRP is never same.... It keeps on changing... And during sale it's higher than usual for most of d products

Myntra 1 year ago

We've replied to your message.

Myntra 1 year ago

Hey Ashu, the price & discounts differ based on the offer, as they are time based. Please keep an eye on the App/website for great deals.

Ashu Gupta 1 year ago

Myntra Ohh plzz see not me everyone knows what you are doing soo better admit your fault ok more over mrp of the products dont change this much fast that you want to saying to us so plzz improve your polices i am not interested in you more over i also suggest people to stay away from delete your apps dont buy anything from you if there is an option i will give uh numbers in negative 👍

Myntra 1 year ago

Such a delight to hear this :) Always a pleasure to bring fashion at your fingertips ;)

Myntra 1 year ago

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