Sadhguru - "First time in Austin, love and enthusiasm of...

Sadhguru • 5 years ago   1.6K     25  •  61.2K Views
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"First time in Austin, love and enthusiasm of the people here truly touching." -Sadhguru

Music Attribution: Dexter Britain

Doye Barksdale
Doye Barksdale5 years ago

Whaaaat?! How long ?!

Kavita Thakur
Kavita Thakur5 years ago

Great, may the people, the world over receive your divine grace

Dionysis Gmps
Dionysis Gmps5 years ago


Kishore Ved
Kishore Ved5 years ago

Austin has very special atmosphere and it is one of my fav place to live in US.

James Underwood
James Underwood5 years ago

For the Sadhguru team: would you please consider Portland, Maine as a stop on a future tour? We would be forever grateful. Joy to you all. Thank you.

Vanan Jothi
Vanan Jothi5 years ago

Valga sadguru

Nicole Ramnarine Ramsahai
Nicole Ramnarine Ramsahai5 years ago

Wish Sadhguru comes to Canada some day

Pierre Masmejean
Pierre Masmejean5 years ago

Austins aren't bad cars. of course the first time in an Austin , if you are tall it can be tough .Get well , if your legs makes you hitch ,pull your thumb.

Sandhya Ravilla
Sandhya Ravilla5 years ago

U will quot nice messages niki