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Spending some quality time with my relatives in Wisconsin for a few days. I think my Grandparents are quite possibly the cutest and most amazing humans...

Posted 5 years ago in Fitness & Workouts

David J. Curry 5 years ago

I love visiting my wife's relatives in Beaver Dam; hog farmers; salt of the earth; daughter there rides a very cool, monster Harley. Don't mess with WI women!

Laurie Garbe 5 years ago

I lived across the street from your grandparents as a little girl,super people. Have a great visit!

Gert Zunzer 5 years ago

Mrs. Vonn, you should know that a great number of people don't like you 'cause of your egocentric character

Judy Kunkel 5 years ago

Have a nice visit with your Grandma Shirley and Grandpa Don. My mom, Connie, rode to work with your Grandma when they worked at Amphenol in Janesville!

Jack Frank Tatum 5 years ago

Have fun, obviously good genes in the family !!

Adam Volk 5 years ago

That was very sweet, you're grandparents seemed very happy to have you visit them. Keep up the hard work, you always amaze me and I love seeing what you're going to do next :)

Patricia Paulitsch 5 years ago

Thanks for sharing Beautiful Lindsey馃槈馃槈馃槈

Jenny Suessner 5 years ago

I lived in Wisconsin for 13 months (came back Home Last year in october) where Are you in Wisconsin? :) 馃憤馃徎馃槃馃槉

Richard McCarthy 5 years ago

Working those gorgeous legs!...Keep up the hard work, we're waiting to cheer you on!...#LV

Ty Lockton 5 years ago

There is always a snippet of you working out. There's your hint ladies, you have no excuses, you know she hasnt been skipping leg days. I love to cheer for my fellow Canuckleheads, have you considered moving north :P