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Feel right at home here...
I came to master this matches the first time triple H has ever competed in an inferno match and look at the reaction by triple H he stills away from those walls of claims sometimes they'll leave 67 feet into the air temperatures out here could be an access of 300 degrees in this inferno match and it's gonna be a good one and for triple agent loses this here is gonna be a deep deep trouble if he loses areas to win three in a row did you see the way they came I that fire came misses in the right hand corner as you see those flames leaping high into the air if you can feel the heat here at ringside let us not forget the only way to win this match to have your opponent catch fire way to make a living we talked earlier on an emotional fight for change pockets back the return of his former partner beat it both down this inferno match and don't forget what happen on raw this past Monday games brother the under taker continuing to make overtures to the big breakfast look at yeah look at this okay working at triple eight privileges hand comes to the Wall of flames it's like battles out imagine what was going through his mind right there a triple like so close to those claims any battle that with elbows to the mid section the way triple H can make it to all of these matches and win three other oh my look at desperation in for my triple H face buster into the new year I'm gonna stand up by the grace of change that he's gonna try to set them up for the pedigree pinelands the pedigree he can take up to the fire and look at this now we try to roll tray all those planes hit King catches on fire it loses this match up King Paris little host to the flames look at that give the roads down double lights going for the victory here is gonna win oh God can you imagine we can change the strength keeping away from those planes triple H desperately trying to put the big Red machine into the Wall of fire eighteen ow back they pay now triple H with bold flowers what expert fix battle this juries watching x pac returning tonight inbox and almost subtle that hair with fishing on the chainsaw plus football plains templates with accountable that time and I'll change with his hand around check the latest that this could be literally up choke slam from hell here we go now did to stand for the big show here on there's a third retain

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