Franco - Last Waltz

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Whenever I watch Franco he looks so holy, haha!

Here's a snippet of Last Waltz from Franco Philippines at 19East the other night taken using the Sony Philippines #a7sii

This camera is testing my loyalty to photography! Ugh!!! And it's clear talaga! LOL

I was using a telephoto prime, which means I was taking a video handheld from a distance and shaking occurs. Somehow because of the image stabilization of the camera, you can see me move in the video but it's has managed to make the video stable enough despite my shaky and tired arms.

Oh and even the sound of this is from the camera, I didn't use any special microphones.

Somehow there's still a lot of compression when uploading over the internet, try to view this in HD if you can or you can view it as well on youtube if you want to see how it seems like Franco is glowing :))


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