Blue Man Group - The Forge

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WATCH: The world premiere of our new music video for The Forge, from our latest studio album THREE, available now on Rhino Records.

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Posted 6 years ago in Music & Audio

Nip Lennon 6 months ago

What a group. First time I saw them 5or6 years ago I rated them the best. Fascinating!!!!

David Halsall 10 months ago

Loving this. The costumes, lighting, rhythm and haunting melody make it special.

Роман Трофіменков 11 months ago

До дрожи в теле.

Daniel Childs 1 year ago


Dora Parra 3 years ago

Love their music and their concerts are AWESOME!

Jim Ridge 5 years ago

The one angry reaction must be from is so not easy being green! Loved it!

Reena Kudhail 5 years ago

AWESOME. This is one of my favourite tracks from Three, so I'm super happy to see a video for it! Thank you, BMG!
Today I also received the goodies I ordered from the BMG store, so coming home from work to both the parcel & this amazing video is just awesomesauce. Mmmm, sauce. :D

Bill Casey 5 years ago

I've seen their performance three times over the years and after watching this video I realize it's time to see them again!

Frank Mazzotti 5 years ago

NY, Boston, Chicago, Vegas and a few tours. I am probably up to about 8 and would go any chance I can get. Thank you for new video

Linda Brown 5 years ago

My family and I had the opportunity to see their awesome show! If you have not had the pleasure ,We highly recommend you attend. They are amazing!