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This is the year. Forgive our skimpy studio outfits, we recorded in Florida last August and it was about 30 degrees hotter than the sun.

Posted 5 years ago in Music & Audio

Matthew Turner 5 years ago

You can wear whatever you want man, as long as you're still writing music.

Ryan Dennis 5 years ago

words cannot express

Falk Argast 5 years ago

dudes, this melody must be on the album! I WANT MORE!!! :D

Phil Seiler 5 years ago

Looking forward to the new album.

Tyler J. Bourbeau 5 years ago

I just hope you guys come back to somewhere near Western MA. Can Matt still do a backflip off the bass drum like he did when I saw you guys during a Tooth and Nail concert in CT?

Tercio De Paiva Rodrigues 5 years ago

Tell us more about Shades of green, Wonder and More! Please!! Can't wait to listen the all album! You guys need to come to London!

Scott Florek 5 years ago

Backer 1151! Excited as ever for this guys. Hope we don't have to drive in 6" of snow to a relief show this tour cycle :D

Jenna Olinger 5 years ago

And hopefully the latter part of this reveal is at least 3 future shows in that same state! ✊

Brandon Kymer 5 years ago

Does this mean upcoming tour? With a stop in Charlotte, NC (hint hint)

Jonathan Chad Moss 5 years ago

I'm so stinkin excited!