Article 50 debate 31.01.17

David Lammy • 5 years ago   2.8K     1.1K  •  93.8K Views
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Patriotism and loving one's country requires more than blind faith.

Since the day after the referendum last June I have been absolutely clear about my...

Posted 5 years ago in Politics
Billie Bickington
Billie Bickington4 years ago

Please keep going, David, you cheer us up to think there are some people speaking up for the Remainers' view. Remainers out here in the countryside will not forgive a shambolic brexit, our own MP is cravenly going along with the government. He does not speak for us. Please continue to scrutinise the government and hold those liars to account.

Susan Patsy Anna Daniels
Susan Patsy Anna Daniels4 years ago

You got it absolutely right then, David. As you have now. The country has lost the plot. And the government, rather than leading us away from the abyss, is allowing us to drift on towards the falls whilst being consumed by its own wrangling and an incessant series of crises caused by its own incompetence.

Niamh Donnellan
Niamh Donnellan4 years ago

You do this standing on the shoulders of millions in this country and elsewhere who dedicated their lives to peace, rule of law, treating citizens equally and creating a fairer society. You may be in the minority in Parliament but you have waves of supporters silently cheering you on.

Alan Best
Alan Best4 years ago

I didn’t vote to leave - I didn’t feel well enough informed. However I think, amongst other more learned people think that the fall of the Β£ , the rise in interest rates ,predictions of massive job losses in the financial industry will result in a massive impact upon our economy. This will result in a new recession and unemployment. Brexit means Brexit.

Josephina Hollingdean
Josephina Hollingdean4 years ago

What's democracy? Surely not something carved in stone on a given day and then frozen in formalin. Both Mussolini and Hitler went to power through referendum, time and democracy got frozen on those days, and those who fought against them were considered the Enemies of The People. This is happening again. But in fact thousands of those who voted leave last year are dead now, and thousands of young people who would have voted remain are now allowed to vote - and pardon me, I don't want my future to be led by zombies! So well done David Lammy , democracy is a process and you and a big movement who is questioning Brexit, are part of it!

Steve Earle
Steve Earle4 years ago

Gotta be one of the greatest grandstanding, self loving dickheads ever to have been an mp
All he cares about is seeing his name in print and you've all fallen for it
You sad, sad numpties !!!

Tamsin Evans
Tamsin Evans4 years ago

I am so grateful that there is at least one labour voice I can rely on - of course it is your duty to oppose brexit and many of us support your positionew. I hope that by staying true to what you believe time will prove you are right

Sharon Hill
Sharon Hill4 years ago

David Lammy speaks the truth and is not scared to say it as it is, despite the threats and bullying from the right wing fascists! Carry on David, you're a legend and we're behind you πŸ’―πŸ™Œ

David Hodgson
David Hodgson4 years ago

Thank you David Lammy. You are a honourable man standing up for what is right. Ignore these ignorant people who so unfairly criticise you

Bob Archell
Bob Archell4 years ago

You should be commended for sticking to your principles Mr Lammy, the Tide of Opinion has turned, and those rabid defenders of β€œ democracy” banging on about it and seek to deny a further democratic vote on a Brexit that will ruin our country and leave it poorer, should look up the definition of Democracy.

Because it’s a very fine line between democratic freedoms expressed in a referendum and a Dictatorship when the winning side deny the right of those that voted for it to change their minds! That is not Democracy, that is Fascism.

So Well Done Mr Lammy you are winning over people’s hearts and minds!