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Please enjoy and re-post this IAF promotional video to disseminate the beauty of Aikido. This is the official promo video for 2015-16. We are re-posting...

Posted 6 years ago in Sports

Klub Aikido Aikikai 1 year ago

2013 St. Petersburg

Yee Kiang Clement Ang 4 years ago

It's an effective art, a very misunderstood art, a very deep art and an amazing art with very long mileage.

Larissa Lima 6 years ago

Pedro Puglia aikido, é legal :3

Michael Khalil 6 years ago

This is just breath taking

Steven Wasserman 6 years ago

Ty... How come you're not in that film Dana???!!!

Marco Sinis 5 years ago

Aikido Club Oristano minuto 1.50, la ragazza col jo.............

Akira Sato 6 years ago


Ibrahim Soumounou 2 years ago

Ouz des grands Senseis AÏKIDOKA longue vie et santé bonheur richesse aussi à vous