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FB Purity v14.8.0 has been released [FB Purity is a safe, free and top rated browser add-on that lets you clean up and customize Facebook] : New in this...
Do you remember when Mark Zuckerberg said that he would never put ads on Facebook because it just wasn't cool. Well, those days are long gone, but luckily, I've got an extension for Chrome that I'm gonna show you so you know when you're on Facebook and you've got all sorts of things showing up in your news feed. Well, Facebook thinks they've got us figured out, but the reality is often we're seeing ads and all sorts of things that we just don't wanna see so I'm gonna tell you about an app called Facebook Purity or FB purity. Here's how it works. You open up your Chrome browser, then we go in to the more tool section and look at our extensions from within the interface. There's a link at the end that says, get more extensions. I'm gonna launch that. Once it's launched, I'm going to type in FB purity. In search now, you'll see the application comes up which can run off your computer or we're gonna install in this case, the extension, which will work right within the Chrome browser. so in order to do that, I just click the plus free. So as you can see it won't cost any money. I'm gonna say yes, I would like to add it and we can see it's been installed now. I'm gonna hop over. I'm gonna open up a new tab. I'm gonna go to Facebook. And now you can see the first time that I've entered Facebook after I've installed this extension. I'm gonna get a nice little welcome window here. This tells me about the functionality of the app so take some time and read it. I've already read it so I'm gonna close it down here and I'm just gonna give you a quick preview here so you can see what's happening now is at the top of my news feed. I'm able to see how many apps have been hidden and how many extras have been hidden. Based on the preferences. I've set up another cool little feature here is I can just pop over to this arrow and I can get rid of the ads. Right hand column all together which I absolutely love. I'm gonna pop this back over now, you're probably wondering how do you actually create your preferences on here set up your preferences? Well, there's two ways to do it. One is to click over the to the F B purity link right here or the other way is you'll notice. There's an FP words' right beside the home page. so I'm just gonna open that up and then in here we've got all sorts of options everything from blocking pop-ups to blocking specific people that you know to blocking certain trending. Topics. locking out the list goes on and on and on so next time you're on Facebook. Make sure you install the F purity extension or app and you'll be well on your way to enjoying a nice clean Facebook experience.

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