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Japanese Helicopter Carrier

Earlier this year, I was honored with a tour by two Japanese Admirals on this ship. In the background a US aircraft carrier can be seen along with other American ships.

It is amazing that China is so afraid of Japan. China with more than ten times the population -- China who holds hydrogen bombs and missile and space technology that literally puts people into space -- is afraid of Japan.

The worst part of this dynamic is that by continuously pushing Japan, China is creating the Japan it claims exists. Something I have learned along the path: If you call a man your enemy, and treat him like an enemy, you will always be right. He will be your enemy.

China and Korea are treating Japan like an enemy when Japan just wants to be left alone.

A smart attorney once said this differently. I have forgotten his exact words, but they go something like this:

A man accuses a rabbit of being vicious. The rabbit is in a cage. To prove his point, the man uses a stick and pokes and stabs at the rabbit. First the rabbit tries to hide. There is no place to hide. Finally the rabbit fights back, and the man says, "See, I told you he is vicious!"

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