The Tunts

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Lol perfect classification of the tunts in your life. hahahahaha

Posted 6 years ago

Demi Awad 4 months ago

Diana Maria

Amir Abou Eesa 6 years ago

Ahmed Zakaria shoft el ragel dah :D :D

Monica Samuel 6 years ago

So true Patty !! I can definitely relate to this 😂😂😂

Suzanne Rafla 6 years ago

Mike Christine - you'll love this! x

Stephanie Shalaby 6 years ago

Dede Mounes haha this is funny

Mary Khalil 6 years ago

Nancy Henein ... Show this to Passant.

Sarah Baseleous 6 years ago

Haha have you seen this one? Osama El Dahaby

Sally Seffeen 6 years ago

Bazi Christine Rose guys I've prob watched this 100 times but it's just so funny! Your welcome 😘😘😘