Heart Noice - Feel this song 💗🌻

Heart Noice • 1 year ago   602.4K     3.7K  •  10.8M Views
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Feel this song 💗🌻

Posted 1 year ago in Music & Audio
Devyani Sinha
Devyani Sinha1 year ago

I watched this video so many times. Beautiful song, beautiful voice, every thing is so soothing, I feel relaxed . Expression of Nagarjun is so sweet, seems that he is remembering his shooting days.

Hemu Rawat
Hemu Rawat1 year ago

Beautiful song with super voice with beautiful camera work

Sonu Sangam
Sonu Sangam1 year ago

What a beautiful rendition of beautiful song. Loved it.

Yogita Buradkar
Yogita Buradkar1 year ago

What a beautiful song and lines that touch the heart

Aryan Chhetri
Aryan Chhetri1 year ago

Ever green song always....❤️❤️❤️

Shaheen Shikoh
Shaheen Shikoh1 year ago

I love this beautiful 🌷 song. Lovely singer and audience.

Sourabh K
Sourabh K1 year ago

It's beautiful song an beautiful moments this ❤️💯❤️🔥👍

Raja Mahdi
Raja Mahdi1 year ago

Kash tum milty dil khily cant express when you are sad broken than eve these romantic lines hurts you cuts you like a sharp blade😢😢😢😢😢

Eshita Falguni
Eshita Falguni1 year ago

love this song ❤

Rajesh Paul
Rajesh Paul1 year ago

Beautiful song and super voice