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Brings to you Hindi vs Punjabi Sad Songs Mashup | Deepshikha | Acoustic Singh |

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Who love the sweet high tea see me knee self feed on he. I see baby Baby That didn't related jonathan David noyes, mommy baby tell me money money. yeah Give didn't know My Oh that I love the me, yeah shit, who the no to the Ready to return Time is the kid will making Yeah baby I say when you need to see live toward a wonderfully fun fun amber, nigga don't look Go come see what is Okay baby daddy nana k, King I Love will get yeah Love Yes, could I nee Me he is the key My get on it love Baby will Love The made easy on the Even shit This morning, our are you Hey guys I hope you enjoy this. Uh, but we wasn't the mashup night of this one away from blood, but you want easy insane miss the College man always will and what he's gonna move. You know go okay go back. I hope you enjoy this is the was is been down in my shop. This winter fun for that, but people these insane laws and big check up not girl, if you like, this market school get hands up and Get spend class time people because I was an acoustic things. Shallots and six 20 going out and see you guys forget to tag your friends in the moment and we will be sharing your facebook inside. I consider them mentors on what device so keep four different and awesome

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