A New Breath Of The Wild Game?

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Safe to say we are a little excited about the recent Zelda news!

Posted 1 year ago in Games, Puzzles, & Play

Rebecca Mckee 6 months ago

I have it... it's kick ass and I love it.😁

Olly Webb 1 year ago

Rhys Parry getting sick of these fake posts

Ennie Bijkerk 1 year ago

Nick is dit voor de switch?

Ben Gilbert 1 year ago

Connor Lee 😱😱

Isaac JG 1 year ago

You Nintendo Nostalfags fans need to stop giving money to a company that stopped caring about all of you, a long time ago. Those Japanese assholes are stubborn and have only been making shitty games. BOTW is the only thing they can talk about. NINTENDO FUCKING SUCKS.

Irene Schimmel 1 year ago

Jonathan Mafaabi 👀👀👀

Chris Bradshaw 1 year ago

Stacey 😳