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YAYAN the dog that was being eaten alive by thousands of ticks is rescued and Now we are pleading for your help.

- We need 20 animal lovers to donate RM10 to reach the total of RM200 for his treatment cost at klinik Haiwan & Surgeri Tuaran -

Yayan is an adult dog that we believe had been abandoned by his owner in Tuaran. Yayan is positive with blood parasites and suspected with heartworm too. He has been left outside to fend for himself so god only knows whats inside his tummy that he was eating to survive since he was abandoned.

We received the screenshoot which copied from other group and could not watch the poor dog's condition without helping Yayan. ALIR rescuer immediately rushed into action to save him. He has is now safe and sound and at their Emergency Vet partner having all those ticks removed and receiving much needed and immediate medical care. He will need to be stabilized. The wounds he have are both physical and mental.

ALIR is an registered Organization which rely solely on donations to continue their life-saving work. We cannot do this without your help , and this is why we are asking for yoir help so we can help Yayan.

Yayan will be on his treatment for 1 month at our fosterer's home and the cost of treatment , Nextgard tablet and medical supplies is RM200 as calculated by Dr Yan from Klinik Haiwan & Surgeri Tuaran.

We need 20 kind hearted animal lovers to donate RM10 so we can reach the total of RM200 to Pay the clinic. Those who wish to help Yayan can donate to the account below or send your donation to Klinik Haiwan & Surgeri Tuaran under ALIR's account.

No amount is too small and every help from all of you really meant a lot and that will definitely gonna make a huge different.

<3 Donate & Make a difference <3
Maybank : 5100 7763 7800
Email : [email protected]
Paypal : [email protected]
Hotlines : 013 888 5060/016 842 0421
" Rescue another life and you will find your soul "

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